Ed Stevens Offering 2015

This project is to help our national churches become more strategic in their church planting effort. This years “Strategic Church Initiative” church plant is in support of the General Baptist Church of the Philippines, Inc. (GBCPI) “Church Lot Acquisition Project” or CLAP.  It is a matching grant which matches dollar for dollar the amount of money GBCPI is able to raise in the CLAP program. Stipulations:

  1. The church will be located in a strategic location geographically.
  2. The location as significant potential to be a church planting base for the surrounding area and/or surrounding people group.
  3. This project will be in an area that does not create a situation of improbable geographic distance from the rest of our GB churches.
  4. The current project is to purchase a church lot for a church plant in Cagayan de Oro with GBCPI.
  5. Funds left from the project will be used for future Strategic Church Plants in one of our various fields.