Lydia Sewing Centers

Lydia Sewing Centers

sewing machineThe Calvary Grace General Baptist ministry was started in 1984, by Rev. Charles Vemula. He ran the ministry for 31 years and in that time God enabled him to do many things which include planting 42 churches, raising 27 pastors, and witnessing to many unreached people.
The Lydia Sewing Centers, a ministry of Calvary Grace, exist to teach poor and disadvantaged ladies of India to sew and to reach them for the gospel. Most of these ladies and Hindus and, because of cultural mandates, can only be reached by women, especially our General Baptist Bible women.
On completion of their course, students from the Lydia Sewing Centers are given a sewing machine on a matching funds basis. The ladies are required to raise their portion and the Centers pay the remaining $100.