Nine Faith Home Children Graduate

We are very pleased to congratulate nine of our Faith Home children upon the successful completion of their studies and graduation.
The nine graduates are Leticia, Kidian, Jonathan, Suyapa, German, Eleazar, Jessica, Luisa Gisell, and Rahem.  Leticia, Suyapa, Luisa Gisell and Rahem completed their studies in Computer Technology at Tehuma. Kidian finished with a Business degree from Nestor Amaya and German, Jonathan and Eleazar also graduated from Nestor Amaya with degrees in refrigeration.
We are extremely proud of our new graduates and wish to extend our thanks to their sponsors for their faithful support throughout the years.  The difference Faith Home has made in the lives of these young people is tremendous!
Faith Home, under the leadership of Director Christina Massey, is located near San Pedro Sula in Honduras.  General Baptists have operated this children’s home now for nearly 20 years.  Many Honduran workers, Mission One Teams, missionaries, General Baptist Churches, Missionary Societies and sponsors have contributed to the success of Faith Home and we are pleased that it remains an essential part of General Baptist International Ministries and God’s kingdom.
If you would like to support Faith Home or sponsor a child please follow this link.
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