The Hope of the World

Beyond the Gate … Church Planting/Medical Clinic of Honduras

by Rodney Walls

“The local church is the hope of the world.”  I love that quote.  I believe it.  The church is the hope of the world not because of who we are, but because of who Jesus is.  He is the head, and the church is His body.  He is the one who builds the church, and allows us to be a part of it.  Things look desperate at times, but there is always hope because the darkness cannot conquer the light of Christ (John 1.5).  Jesus flat out said that he was going to build his church and the gates of hell cannot overcome it (Mt 16.18).  The church is the hope of the world!  Let’s not only say it.  Let’s live it!
What a privilege to work alongside of the pastors and churches in Honduras.  TPicture2hese pastors have a heart for the Lord and a love for people.  Missionaries have come and gone, but they remain committed to being the church and leading their people.  For nearly 30 years, I have had the privilege of being a pastor to some of God’s finest, and now, God has led me back to Honduras to come alongside of, encourage, support and be a part of what God is doing here.  These pastors are no different than many of the pastors I know in the States.  They experience joy and frustration.  They just want to be better at reaching people with the gospel of Jesus.  They want the churches here to grow.
Often they lack the resources that we from the USA have.  God has opened the doors of opportunity for us as GB’s to help by being here, by providing financially and by prayer.  Nothing new here.  Pray for them … do you know their names?  Pray for them … do you know their circumstances and needs?  Pray for them … by being a part of what God is doing and wants to do here in Honduras.  It will take something from you, but being a part of God’s mission to the world is exciting and worth it.  We’re in.  God said “go” and we went.  Use us Lord!
God will use you too.  Be open, be willing and enjoy the journey that Jesus leads you on as you follow!  Maybe it is writing a check to support us, or writing a check to support the Church Planting mission of providing training for our Honduran GB pastors and equipping our GB churches here?  Maybe it’s leading a team to work with our churches here (ministering to the many children they have or helping them with a construction project as several of our churches do not even have bathrooms and a few don’t have running water)?  Maybe it is being a part of a team?  Maybe it is doing all the above?
The ministry of the church has always been to share the hope of Jesus not only with words but with actions prompted by love.  Teresa’s ministry is to that through the medical clinic.  The building was built years ago, but now is the time to move forward in ministry.  Yes, there are costs involved and sacrifices to be made. People here have needs that we in Christ’s bPicture1ehalf can meet.  The vision that God has laid upon Teresa is to establish a food pantry ministry that works in conjunction with our GB churches here by having the pastors identify people in their church and community that need help.  She also plans to provide some basic care and vitamins to young pregnant women.  Already pastor Marco from La Sabana     asked Teresa to visit a young pregnant mother in his community.  She doesn’t attend regularly, but he asked Teresa to check on her.  Teresa also wants to teach nutrition and hygiene in our churches, and yes to pursue the licensing of our clinic to provide some basic medical care.  I did mention that there would be a cost and sacrifices to make if we are serious about this part of the mission to Honduras?
God is at work.  There is no time to waste.  There is a place for all in God’s mission (for us and for you).  Our calling was to leave our family, friends and country and come.  As God moves in your heart, you will know how God wants you involved.  You can do that by supporting those whom God calls to go.  For us, we need the equivalent of 50 more people who want to be a part of what God is doing here by sharing at $100 a month to cover our ministry costs so that we can be Christ’s ambassadors.  The Church Planting mission will need regular (monthly) funds to operate.  The medical clinic ministry will need funds for medicines, food, vitamins, supplies and travel.
If not the work in Honduras, then find the place where God is tugging on your heart, and then get into the game!  People need Jesus.  The local church is the hope of the world (BTW, thank you Bill Hybels for that quote).   There will be challenges.  There will be struggles, but by staying faithful and following Jesus, it will also mean that we get to see and be involved in some incredible things!  This is going to be big.  Come be part of what God is doing!
(An edited version of this article will soon appear in the Capsule)