GBIM Volunteers You Should Know

GBIM Volunteers You Should Know , Part 1

Peter Leija, Cecil and Velda Cook at Faith Home

Pete Leija serves as special projects coordinator for Honduras. Pete volunteers 6+ months of his time each year to serve General Baptists in Honduras. He receives no salary for the time he spends coordinating projects on and off Faith Home and serving as host for the vast majority of our teams. Pete works to establish estimates of project costs, works with team leaders to select projects and with Christina and the Walls to prioritize projects that need to be accomplished. Pete’s field travel and expenses are underwritten primarily from Mission One (MVP) funds. His time however is voluntary.
Cecil and Velda Cook have volunteered in Honduras many times over the last several years. Most likely, if you have been on a team to Honduras in the last two years, you have tasted some of the delicious meals they have prepared for our fortunate Honduran team members. Cecil and Velda served as a pastoral family for many years and continue to serve the Skyline Church as part of their hospitality team. They have spent over six months in Honduras serving teams in the last two years at their own expense. We are extremely grateful for volunteers like Cecil and Velda Cook!
tania and david
Tania and David Willis

Tania Willis serves as Faith Home sponsor coordinator. If you sponsor a child with Faith Home or receive information concerning new children at Faith Home then it very likely came from Tania. Tania and her husband David served at Faith Home for a time and continue to be burdened for the ministry there. Since Tania has taken on sponsorship, Faith Home Director Christina Massey reports that active sponsorship has dramatically increased. We are very thankful for Tania and her willingness to serve this important ministry. Faith Home children’s sponsorships are $20/month.
Bob and Sherry Weatherford
Bob and Sherry Weatherford

Bob and Sherry Weatherford serve as new sponsorship coordinators for the Matigsalug Bible Institute (MBI). Bob and Sherry served as missionaries to the Philippines for several years, and we are thrilled that they have agreed to help coordinate sponsors for our students at MBI. MBI at one time had a very healthy sponsorship program that has fallen into neglect over recent years, but MBI continues to be the financial responsibility of GBIM. For those not aware, MBI trains indigenous pastors and Bible teachers throughout Mindanao at its campus in Sinuda in the heart of the island of Mindanao. Please contact the Weatherfords with your MBI sponsorship questions.  To sponsor a student now please visit e-giving, create an account and the select MBI under Field Support.