A Life changed

A life changed…
Praising God for some words I recently heard from one of our young adults. Words I believe God sent to encourage my heart and strengthen my soul.
As each of the children turn 18 and transition into housing outside the gate, I call them to my office to have the talk about their future and the rules for living in transition housing. I explain to them that it is their choice to live in transition housing along with their choice to respect the rules and reputation of the ministry. We want them to know that even though they now have more freedom, they must use it wisely. We try to help them see from past mistakes and successes where the different paths lead.
After six years of giving the “talk” to over 60 young adults it was the first time I heard these words: “thank you for giving me the opportunity to be at Faith Home and all that I have learned while I have been here. Please forgive me for the times I misbehaved and the things I did and said before I had Christ in my heart. I promise to be an example to others and make good decisions.”
These words were significant because this young man almost left us on a couple of occasions. Once because of a possible reuniting with a troubled family, which God answered prayers and closed the door. The other time was due to his anger issues and aggressive behavior that almost left us no choice but to send him away early. Again, God intervened and made a way when there seemed to be no way.

A Life Changed