GBBC 55th Founders Day

GBBC recently concluded its week-long celebration of its 55th founding anniversary. With the theme, “Grace Brings Beauty in Contentment,” the entire GBBC community came together on February 10-15, 2020 to celebrate God’s goodness, faithfulness, and grace for 55 years.
The week-long celebration was indeed a time of fun, family, fellowship, and above all worship. It was also a time to showcase talents and skills in the different fields of music, arts, sports, and other literary events. It was a time to honor the hard work and commitment of loyal and dedicated personnel as well as appreciating the generosity of our churches. It was a time of batches and families coming together—reminiscing, refreshing, reuniting and acknowledging the source of all these blessings.
GBBC is so thankful for the participation of all its significant stakeholders: the pupils, students, parents, guardians, faculty, staff, alumni from both High School and College, and the Board of Trustees. GBBC is so thankful and grateful to our Almighty Father for the 55 years that He has blessed GBBC with supporters, donors, and prayer partners in the Philippines and around the world. To all the churches, individuals, and different organizations both here and abroad, to the General Association of General Baptist and the General Baptist International Ministries. the General Baptist Church of the Philippines, Inc., thank you very much for your continued support, prayers, and partnership all these years.
Truly, GBBC wouldn’t have existed this long if not for the gracious hand of God that has been upon this institution, the students, alumni, families, donors, supporters, the missionaries and leaders who have gone before us and for all of us—the leaders of today—to whom this ministry has been entrusted.
It is only by and through the grace of God that we have seen generations of leaders being equipped, trained, and developed over the years for missions and ministry for His greater glory and honor!