Ministry In Extraordinary Times (Honduras)

By Honduras Missionaries

FH Locked down
Faith Home lockdown

Locked down…the Faith Home campus was preemptively self-quarantined about a week before the government started shutting down Honduras. We stocked up on supplies and made the decision to stop all traffic in and out. Faith Home does have a few children that Dr. Sharon identified as high risk. Unfortunately, Faith Home is located in the department of Cortes, which is the center of the majority of cases. Because of this, our area has been in complete lockdown (police & military enforcement) until further notice. Everything is closed (banks, grocery stores & most pharmacies included), except for small individually run “pulperias” where Hondurans can purchase some food items. Of course, the poorest people here have little money to buy anything because they cannot work.
Missionary Teresa Walls

Doctor Sharon and Teresa stay in constant contact about all campus medical needs with Teresa checking regularly the houseparents and children. Praise God, all are healthy and well right now! We are so grateful for Sharon’s ministry here. Pastor Miguel and his family could not come inside initially when we closed the campus. When they came, they had to spend 14 days in quarantine from the rest of the campus. Teresa checked them on Sunday the 12th. Thankfully, they are symptom free and now permitted to attend church service here and visit others inside the fence.
Talking with psychologist

Faith Home children and houseparents are safely quarantined inside and the food supply is holding as some deliver trucks are still permitted to be out. We are trying our best to keep Faith Home life as close to normal as possible for the children. They are aware of what is going on here in Honduras and the world. Our Psychologist, Idania, is working with the staff and children via Skype to help them work through their anxiety. Mr. Eder continues to coordinate the educational needs by communicating with the schools from his home and then sending homework to our students. Henry also helps them with their homework onsite. We are so blessed to be able to continue to have church services in our Faith Home chapel (since we are all quarantined together). They are constantly praying for others, and we are proud of how our houseparents are providing stability in the midst of the unknown. It is so uplifting as we praise the Lord who is giving us peace in the midst of the storm.
Dunia and family
Alumni family

Faith Home Alumni. We regularly reach out to those who have grown up and left, and we have intensified these communications with all that is going on here. Many have lost their jobs, and with the communities enforcing strict curfews, their options are limited. Thankfully, we received a couple of donations directed to our Alumni Benevolence fund. This has allowed us to send money to our adult children in need. We praise God that currently all are healthy and safe.
Churches here, like there, are not allowed to meet. The result is that our General Baptist pastors have no income. The mission has been able to help them a few times, so that they can purchase food for their families. These pastors continue to be the light of Christ during these days. Pastor Miguel (on campus) communicates weekly with our pastors. Miguel and his family have also conducted worship services online using Facebook live. Blessed we are as mission to have such dedicated and committed people to Christ!
Life as usual
Life as usual

The Church Planting ministry was able to purchase bulk rice, beans and maseca (used to make tortillas) for Pastor Marcial to pass out in our community, El Barro. When we can buy more, we will. It is a way to show the love of Christ to our neighbors.
Life and ministry go on even in extraordinary circumstances. May God guide us through these days!

Oh LORD, in your great mercy hear our prayers for those who have COVID19

in Honduras and in the world, hear our prayers for the poor throughout the world

who are suffering so much more than the rest!  Amen