Pastors Respond to COVID Assistance

As of this date, May 12, 2020  GBIM has received more than $60,000 to assist pastors around the world during the COVID-19 crises.  Here are some responses:
Pastor Alejandro Salinas Espinosa, Mexico City, “God bless this work of yours, the Lord said … because you have done it to one of my little ones, they have done it to me … thank you very much, it is going to give much joy to the churches of Oaxaca. Blessings.”
Pastor Angel Federico Leon Verdugo, Tecate, Mexico, “Thank you very much for this great help.”
Pastor Daniel Hernandez Morales, Chiapas, Mexico, “God bless you greatly for supporting us.”
Jessey Vemula, India, “This help is just wonderful brother Mark. God bless you for thinking about us and all those who pray and helped financially. The pastors are saying how this will help them tremendously to survive.”
Pastor Jose Manuel Perez Carlo, Tijuana, Mexico “Thank you for your help and God bless all of you that God put in your heart the desire to help.”
Pastor Jaime Maputol, Moderator, General Baptist Church of the Philippines, “We are grateful for the assistance coming from the GBIM. It is really a big help for us and for the pastors… It is really an answered prayer. Thank you and God bless you all.”