Dame Family Appointed as Missionaries

General Baptist Ministries is pleased to announce the appointment of Pastor Stephen and Megan Dame and family as missionaries to the Asia Pacific Region.  Specifically, Stephen will be serving as Senior Pastor of Saipan Community Church.

Steve and Meg Dame have spent the last 12 plus years as the pastoral family of the Mt. Gilead GB Church in Slaughters, KY. Together, they have four children, Sydney (Dame) Kendall, Marques (15), Catie Beth (13) and Caden (11). Steve grew up in the Concord GB Church in Manitou, Ky, while Meg grew up in The First General Baptist Church in Princeton, IN.

Steve accepted Christ at the age of eight and answered the call into ministry at the age of 20. He has pastored six churches in Indiana and Kentucky. Over the years, he has served the denomination in many capacities, most recently as the Moderator of the 2019 Mission & Ministry Summit.

Meg also accepted Christ at the age of eight. She has spent the last 18 years working for Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores where she has worked in several positions. During this time, she has also served in the local church as well as serving on the Women’s Ministry board.

The Dame family will pastor the Saipan Community Church. While the setting is picturesque, Saipan has transitioned from a place of industry to one of tourism and has seen an overall decay in societal and spiritual life. Saipan has become a transition outpost for many people attempting to make it to the United States mainland. This gives the opportunity to reach and disciple people from many nationalities and world religions and either the gospel comes with them to the U.S. mainland or returns with them to their home countries. Efforts will also be made to strengthen relations with the churches on Guam and with contacts on the islands of Rota and Tinian where mission outreaches used to exist.

If you would like to support the Dame family, please follow this link.  International Ministries is certainly pleased to have the Dame family as their newest missionary family.