Brantley September Update

Where has God taken us this month?? Not to the Philippines….yet! But He has allowed us to visit several wonderful churches in Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, and Illinois. We have had time to start another year of homeschool with our two kids. Jeremiah and Allie are both sophomores this year. Both kids celebrated birthdays this month, 13 and 15 now! Having two teenagers in the house has definitely posed some new challenges. Any advice would be welcome! 🙂
We had another change this month, we moved to Camp Allen in Missouri. We will be living there until God sees fit for us to go to the Philippines. We are very grateful to have a place to stay that is able to get us ready for our living arrangements in the Philippines. The house at Camp Allen is two bedrooms and two bathrooms just like our house in the Philippines. Allie and Jeremiah are getting used to sharing a bedroom and a bathroom. Schuyler and I are enjoying having our own bathroom! Jeremiah has been enjoying the outdoors as well. He has been getting in some hunting and fishing after he is done with school.
Why are we still in the US? COVID-19 still has things pretty well shut down in the Philippines. Flights are not open yet to visitors to the Philippines at this time. People who live there are only allowed out for essential activities on certain days of the week. It is difficult to get anything done. Even if we could get into the country we would not be able to start language training at this time.
So, we are using our time here to continue to visit churches and raise the rest of the funds needed for our vehicle in the Philippines. Initially we thought we would need around $15,000 for a vehicle. Turns out they are more expensive than we had thought. We currently have about $18,000 raised. It is looking like we will need close to $30,000. This is currently our biggest financial need. If you would like to help, funds can be sent to GBIM, 100 Stinson Dr., Poplar Bluff, MO 63901. Please be sure to include “Brantley Vehicle Philippines” in the memo section of the check.
We appreciate all that you all have done for us thus far. We know that God has a plan. We are trying to be patient and obedient to that plan. Please continue to pray for us, the Philippines, GBBC, MBI, and our nation as we approach presidential elections.
God Bless
The Brantley Family