Calvary Grace (India) Reports Six New Water Wells in December

Praise the Lord! Water wells are giving us an opportunity to reach the unreached communities of India with the gospel of Christ.
Place: Issanagar SC 1 Colony.
Water well # 23
Sponsored by Risen church
Thank you Risen church and everyone praying for India.

Calvary Grace Well #23

Glory to God for this water well!
Sponsored by Risen Church
Place: Issanagar SC 2 colony
Water well # 24
Calvary Grace Well #24

Water well is a wonderful Christmas gift to this community.
Water well # 25
Sponsored by Risen Church.
Place: Parvathapur Village
Calvary Grace Well #25

Jesus, the Living water!
Water well # 26
Place: Parvatapur SC colony.
Sponsored by Florissant GB church.
Calvary Grace Well #26

Merry Christmas everyone! Christ was born to give the Living water to all humanity. This is the message we preach through word and water wells in India. Thankful to God for this water well in Dharmaram village.
Water well # 27
Sponsored by James and Evelyn Wiseman.
Calvary Grace Well #27

Place: Dharmaram SC colony
Water well #28
Sponsored by Gary & Linda Smothers.
Calvary Grace Well #28