Dame Family Arrives on Saipan

Pastor Stephen and Megan Dame (and family) have arrived at Saipan to assume the role of Senior Pastor of Saipan Community Church.
All of our missionaries have been on hold during much of the pandemic.  Deputation has been difficult at best due to fluctuating schedules and moving to virtual services during periods of COVID-19 outbreaks in communities.  The Dame family, Brantley family, and Robin Lowery have all done a remarkable job in light of the circumstances, but the Dame family is the first to actually be able to begin their new assignment.
GBIM is thrilled at their successful arrival on Saipan.  The Dames will have a five-day mandatory quarantine, but Pastor Stephen still plans to be in the pulpit this Sunday (January 10).  As of this date (January 5) Brantley and Lowery travel to their fields of service in the Philippines and Honduras respectively are uncertain.
Your support for any of these missionary families would be greatly appreciated.  Prayers and financial support are both essential to their success.  A missionary share is an investment of $10.00/month in a missionary family.  To give, visit donate.generalbaptist.com, select missionary support and then select the missionary you would like to support.  To make the gift a recurring gift, please be sure to select that option.  Thank you so much!