Mitchellville GB First to Respond to West Africa Initiative

Kris Yeomans states, “We have received our first commitment for our church-planting initiative for 2021 – Thank you, Mitchellville General Baptist Church!!”  The Mitchellville Church is located in Sumner County Tennessee and is a member of the Portland Association. The pastor is Bro. Gary Pardue.
The Yeomans are praying for two to four more commitments this year, with the hopes of starting 3 to 5 churches. If you would like to know more about this church planting Initiative for 2021, please contact Kris Yeomans through email or Facebook Messenger.
Here is more from the Yeomans, “Good Sunday morning! How many miles will you be WALKING to get to church this morning? For the 10 believers in the village of G****y in West Africa, the answer is 13.09 miles (one-way), like most every other Sunday. However, thanks to the partnership and commitment of the Mitchellville General Baptist Church, these 10 believers will soon have a church right in their own village – the very first church there!! Praise God!

If your church would like to partner with GBIM to help establish a church in a village in West Africa this year, please contact the office or Kris and Nicole Yeomans to learn more. The West Africa church planting initiative for 2021 requires serious commitment to prayer and financial resources in the short-term, but the rewards last for eternity! Have a blessed Lord’s Day!”

You can also support the overall ministry in West Africa by sending a donation today to GBIM.  Simply visit and select International Missions and then type “West Africa” in the note field that will appear or send a gift to GBIM West Africa Missions, 100 Stinson Drive, Poplar Bluff, MO. 63901 and put West Africa in the memo box on your check.  Thank you for your prayers and gifts.