Looking for Some Warm Weather? (West Africa)

We hope you all are doing well and staying warm. For many of you, snow seems to be the word of the day, so if you’re getting snow and like it, enjoy! If you are getting snow and you hate it, sorry. If you are not getting snow and want to have it, sorry again… and finally, if you are not getting snow and you don’t want it, enjoy! 😊
We would appreciate your prayers this week as we continue to move forward with government paperwork and meetings to get everything established for our ministry here. Things are moving along and we continue to be amazed at what God is doing here. 😊
If you would, pray for us this week as we try to get our armed security escorts situated for our trips out east, and please pray about a need that we have for a couple of good battery packs so that we can show the Jesus Film out in villages that don’t have electricity. It is much more challenging to take a generator with us so we would prefer some long lasting battery packs that are smaller and easier to haul.
As always, thanks for remembering us in your prayers, and if you are looking for some warm weather, make plans to visit us!