Medical Camp #13 (India)

The place where we conducted this medical camp has a small church, started by Pastor Jonah Bandara eight years ago. Currently, it has 22 born again believers. Since day one, this pastor and the church have faced many difficulties and opposition.
At least 10 other families who had come to Christ later stepped back in their faith because the villagers’ threatened to excommunicate them and etc. The pastor was always treated by the locals as an enemy and a religious converter. According to Pastor Jonah, it is now changing slowly because, through him this village now has 2 water wells (sponsored by General Baptists) and now a free medical camp.
Pastor Jonah says that he is seeing the difference in local people and leaders and is being treated with more respect. We praise the Lord for this testimony.
Dear friends and prayer partners, we believe that our labor in the Lord is not going in vain, but making a huge difference in the lives of people and in the kingdom of God. God bless GBIM.
In this village we served 268 people with free medicines, masks and few families with kitchen groceries.
You can sponsor a medical camp by visiting selecting International Missions in the form and then typing “Calvary Grace Medical Camp” in the notes box that will appear. Each day of a medical camp typically costs $500 USD. Thank you.