Faith Home Field Council Highlights (Honduras)

Ministry highlights for Faith Home begins with nine Faith Home youth were baptized in 2020 – Praise the Lord!
Henry (one of our Faith Home alumni) continues to be a great asset to the Ministry. He continues to motivate the youth despite not being able to leave campus due to the pandemic. He is in charge of the praise band, has special youth services on Saturday nights, teaches English, gives music lessons, and is in charge of the transition program.
Concerning the spiritual life of the children Pastor Miguel has taken back over as campus Pastor (due to the exit of Pastor Marco). Miguel can’t be in church services all the time due to his commitments to the churches outside, but has delegated people to be in charge of each area, and he Pastors/leads them well. He used the quarantine time to teach several of the Bible Institute classes and doctrine to the house-parents and older youth. The younger children continue to sing, pray, and preach in their weekly children’s church. The house-parents continue to teach Sunday school and daily devotions in the houses. The transition youth group have nightly devotions.
Faith Home ministry during Pandemic When the pandemic hit in March 2020, we immediately closed our campus and sought alternate ways to meet the needs and continue the ministry of Faith Home: Groceries were ordered online and delivered to the gate (now Mauricio or Miguel pick them up). All other vendors (eggs, bread, water, etc.) deliver to the gate and are paid by the guard.
The house-parents still get a monthly break from the children by taking their days off on campus. Vacations were taken in November and December with quarantines after. For several months, both the psychologist and teacher worked remotely through Skype. Now they are back to working in person, observing all the biosecurity measures (masks, distance, etc.). Those who leave campus wear masks when around the children and house-parents. Despite the doctor and psychologist contracting COVID-19 themselves, spread to the rest of the campus was avoided because they always follow biosecurity prevention measures on campus. We have a designated visitor area in the Faith Home church so that those who live off campus can worship with us (with masks, distance, etc.).
The pandemic changed dramatically our transition program due to bringing the transition group back on campus, but despite the limitations, the current group seems to be maturing and preparing spiritually and mentally for the transition out of Faith Home.
Henry is currently our Transition Coordinator with the help of our psychologist, Christina and Damary (Lisel’s nanny). We currently have six transition youth (16-18 years old) living inside campus due to the pandemic. The boys live with Henry in house #3 and the girls live in the back of the Whitson house with Christina supervising them. They are responsible for keeping the house clean, preparing their own meals, and stick to budget as we currently order groceries (due to pandemic). They each have an assigned job during the day in the office, school and yard maintenance.
Due to the pandemic, we transferred all the students back to being registered at Emanuel Christian School in San Manuel because they were willing to work with us through Mr. Eder, our educational coordinator, to continue their education online utilizing computers in the classrooms at the Faith Home school building. The students also receive English and music classes from Henry.
Children at Faith Home: Currently there are 43 children in the Faith Home Sponsorship program, this includes three toddlers (1-3); eight girls ages 4-11; eight boys ages 4-11; four girls ages 12-15, and four boys ages 12-15; six in transition program inside the campus due to COVID and two in outside transition housing; and eight children of house-parents.
As of February 2021, 61 children have transitioned out of the sponsorship program at age 18 or above and 36 children have been fostered and returned to their families before turning 18.
The number of active Faith Home sponsors at the end of 2020 were 468 compared to the 667 sponsorships needed.
Faith Home continues to make a big difference in the lives of children in Faith Home. A sponsorship is $25 monthly and is as easy as visiting, selecting Faith Home, enter Child Sponsor in the notes box that appears and then enter $25 for each sponsorship you desire in the amount box and check recurring. Thank you very much!