Esther: A Story of Christian Compassion (India)

Being a widow in India is a difficult thing. According to the Times of India, “The Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act, as the name suggests, had legalised the remarriage of Hindu widows during the time of East India Company rule in 1856. Still, marrying a widow was considered a sin in Indian society. In many interior villages of India, a widow is still expected to lead a life of abstinence. Not only this, the stigma attached to widowhood is so deep that in some places widows are prohibited from attending auspicious ceremonies like marriage. Although not many would like to admit it, lack of education and awareness make people believe in many superstitions surrounding widows.
Much of the ministry of India Association to women has sought to reverse and relieve the hardships of poor women and widows. Indeed, this is the mission of Grace Home for Widows and Poor Women.
The lady in this story is named Esther. Here is her story as related by Pastor Prakash, “This woman named Esther was a widow having two daughters who are now studying in school. She lost her husband two years back. Now she lost her mother-in-law named Satyavathi who is our church member. On 14th February 2021 our Church gave her 25 kilograms (50 lbs.) of rice and two one litre cooking oil packets. We praise our Lord for His kindness. We reached her to show the love and kindness of our Lord Jesus.
A gift of any amount to the Grace Home for Widows and Poor Women would go a long way in making a difference in the life of a dear lady in India. You may send your gift for Grace Home for Widows and Poor Women to GBIM, 100 Stinson Dr., Poplar Bluff, MO. 63901 or visit, select International Missions, type in Grace Home for Widows in the notes box that appears and then the amount of your gift. It could change a life for eternity. Thank you.