India Association Update for March 2021

We praise and thank our Lord Jesus Christ for His blessings and protection over this ministry. We thank all our General Baptist for their wonderful support. During March 2021 India Association was active in these ministry areas:

Dorcas Sewing Centers: DSC are working to reach poor women with the gospel and help them learn sewing skills. Sewing Centers are active in 1) Raparthi 2) AV Nagaram (see photos below) 3) Mangampadu 4) Balijapadu 5) Vanchangi 6) Kondalingamparthi 7) Balaram 8) Patapalem. At the present, there are more than 140 girls  training in these sewing centers and hearing the gospel every day for 15 minutes. We have also selected new villages for sewing centers, namely: 1) AV Nagaram (BC Colony) 2) Kolanka, 3) Rothulapudi, 4) Kathipudi 5) Bakuluru. Some of these will start some time after Easter 2021.
Pastors Meeting at Pithapuram: We had ten pastors at our meeting, we worshiped and prayed together and discussed starting new sewing centers after Easter 2021. We have selected Ontimamidi village to conduct our Grace Home for Poor Women and Widows outreach (see below for the outcome of this visit).
Tribal pastors and Dorcas Sewing Center visit: We visited four sewing centers which were reopened after COVID-19 in tribal area, They are Mangampadu, Balijapadu, Vanchangi, and Kondalingamparthi. We also visited six pastors in that area.
Bible women: Our Bible Women ministry reached out to five families with the gospel in this month.
Grace Home at Ontimamidi village: We reached 25 poor women with four kilograms of vegetables each.
Poor feeding: We had a poor feeding on the first Sunday of the month. We worshiped the Lord and had a good lunch with 150 believers and their non-believing family members present.
Lent: We had fasting prayers on every day from 2 p.m. to 4p.m. We were praying and meditating on the word of God. Every day one woman believer would share a devotion and one or two women believers would share their witness about how they came to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Then Pastor Prakash or Jemima would share the word of God. All the believers would then pray together. On an average 25 to 30 women attended this daily fasting prayer.
8) Benevolences to poor and sick people: We reached three sick people R***, D**** and B***** who are old widows, sick with cancer, and needy; each received one 25 kilograms rice bag, one liter cooking oil, one kilogram red gram dal, and a donation. These women are unfortunate women, and we are reaching them with the love of Christ. We reached some pastors with needed help as well.

IA DCS Nagaram