India Hit Hard by Current Strain of COVID

Baptism at Pithapuram Church

India has been receiving the brunt of the news concerning COVID during the month of April 2021.  As of the date of this writing India’s death toll had topped 200,000, with 300,000 new cases daily for nearly a week (FoxNews).  Pastor Prakash reports that all Dorcas Sewing Centers have been suspended effective April 25, 2021.

Pastor Jessey of Calvary Grace Association writes, “Many churches in our area had shut down the services already and India is going to announce lockdown soon. In Telangana, night curfew has begun already a couple of weeks ago. Churches in our association are doing well and the church services are taking place without any objection so far. Because they have few cases comparing to towns and cities. Also, they are in the remote areas, that could be a reason.  Please pray for the current COVID-19 situation in India… Many people I knew and mutual friends have died of COVID-19.  In the last year COVID-19 has caused a great psychological, financial, and spiritual damage to pastors and churches here. A few people quit coming to many churches and have gone astray from the faith according to some pastors I know. On the other hand, false Christian prophets told prophecies previously and continuing to prophesy concerning the end of COVID-19 and Christianity is being ridiculed here.”

Calvary Grace also reports a new believer has followed the Lord in baptism.  This is a big step for anyone but especially for Indian believers.

Calvary Grace Baptism

Pastor Prakash of India Association reports, “We are doing fine. It is all because of our Lord’s grace. Thank you for your concern and care. We may be having some curfew, restrictions, and lock down after May 2nd. Right now there are no restrictions… We will update you about the situation  in the coming days. We have stopped our DSC from 25th of this month. Please continue to pray for us.”

In other news from India Association, the association conducted two pastors meetings with a total of 26 pastors in attendance.

Pastors Meeting in Pithapuram


Tribal Pastors Meeting

Grace Home for Poor Women and Widows was able to assist 20 ladies with a liter of cooking oil in the village of Nagaram.  This ministry provides small but useful gifts for poor women and widows in the association.


Grace Home oil distribution

Pastor Prakash recently visited Pastor David in Ontimamidi where a new church is under construction.

Pastor David and wife in front of new church

We rejoice with the congregation at the Pithapuram General Baptist Church over a new believer following the Lord in believers baptism.

Baptism at Pithapuram Church

The associations in India will be the recipient of this year’s Ed Stevens offering which will be September 19, 2021.  We hope you and your church will be praying about how you can help!  Thank you.

Ed Stevens Day 2021

Please find additional photos for India Association events on our Flickr page below.

IA April 2021