Robin Lowery Update

Greeting from Honduras! As of today (5/3/21), I have been in Honduras for 12 weeks. I am still attending language school and have had many opportunities to practice my Spanish. Last week I was able to give a short presentation in the language school over different learning styles and teaching methods. The school also organized a cultural day where groups of students researched information about a region of Honduras. During cultural day, the groups presented their information and each group prepared food and a beverage from that region. My group talked about the Bay Islands, and more specifically Roatán.

I also had the pleasure of talking with a special education teacher who works at a special education school in Honduras. It was interesting to learn more about the school here in Siguatepeque. There are two special education “public schools” in the country of Honduras. She described the school here as semi-private because parents must pay tuition even though the school is public. The school does help parents find sponsors to assist with the cost. Unfortunately, special education is rare and inaccessible to the majority of people in Honduras. I have heard stories of children who are 10 years old and continue to stay in kindergarten or first grade classes every year because they are not able to do the work, or the schools refuse to serve the students at all. This makes me realize even more, the importance of being able to offer supplemental education to the children at Faith Home who have learning differences.

Personal Update
It is hard to believe I have been in Honduras for 12 weeks. I feel like I have developed my new normal for living in Honduras, or at least my life during language school. The highlight of my week is always spending some time video chatting with my family. I cannot believe how much my granddaughter has grown over the last three months! Due to the rising cases of COVID, I have not had many opportunities to go to different places since my last update. One day I did visit the farmer’s market. I spend most of my time outside of language school at the house with my Honduran family. I do enjoy being able to converse with them as I continue to learn more Spanish.

Prayer Requests

I am so grateful for all of you for your partnership in this ministry. Your prayers have helped sustain me as I have made the transition to living in Honduras, and your financial support allows me to be here, preparing to serve God through educational ministry at Faith Home. I am so excited to see the impact WE will have on the children at Faith Home, both educationally and spiritually.

The following are current prayer needs:

  • prayers for language learning
  • prayers that the transition to living in Honduras continues to go smoothly
  • prayers that I am able to obtain my temporary residency
  • prayers for my family and friends during this transition
  • prayers for the children and staff at Faith Home

I want to thank everyone again for your support and encouragement. Please let me know if you have any prayer requests. I would love to be able to pray for you as well. As always, I would love to hear from you so please feel free to e-mail me back!
Robin Lowery