India Association Activities for May 2021

It was a difficult month for India during May 2021.  The country was hit hard by a 2nd COVID outbreak that resulted in the country basically shutting down once again.  The India Association had to close all of its Dorcas Sewing Centers as a result of this outbreak and Anne Pamu, who had planned to travel home this summer, was unable to do so.

General Baptist Ministries reached out to the pastors in India with an additional $10,000 in assistance.  Each association (Calvary Grace and India Association) received $5000 to help pastors through this second shut down.  These were taken from funds remaining after the COVID International Pastors offering last year.

Pastor Prakash was able to assist 35 pastors at a meeting in Pithapuram with some hand sanitizer and a gift of Rs. 1500 (about $20) and plans to do so again as needed.  An additional 16 at Routhula**** were assisted with a grocery kit and travel allowance.

India Association also assisted Pastor Viswas Rao at Penu****** with a gift for new church construction.IA May 2021