The Light Penetrates the Darkness (Honduras)

God continues to make ways! In this case, God made the light to shine into the darkness. On my first trip there several years ago, I found a very small church made of bamboo and a little tin. There was no road up to this church on the side of the mountain. The community did not have electric and all that means (no pump, no running water, no lights). I confess I wondered about this small group, but the pastor (Pastor Martinez) was working hard to make a difference.

Fast forward to today, through the generosity of General Baptists, a new church structure is in process (the folks there are ecstatic! Check out the before and now photos). AND, the community now lights up at night. The light penetrates the darkness (spiritually with the new place to worship and literally as Las Laureles is on the grid)!

They held a celebration service just a week ago (AT NIGHT) because they could. Giving praise to all that God has done. We are a part of that as GBs because we are being obedient to God’s calling to be in Honduras! #doingtogetherwhatwecannotdoalone #gbministries

from Honduras GB Churches facebook page