Walls Update June 2021 (Honduras)

We wanted to bring you up to speed on our travel plans, so you can be praying. Teresa, L****, and myself head back to the States Tuesday morning (June 15). We leave Faith Home about 8:30am. Of course, we have a ton of documents to prepare and get ready and even more with all the COVID restrictions. Pray that we get everything in the right order, so we won’t have any issues. L**** is a good traveler (thankfully), but traveling with a 4 and half year old special needs child is a challenge. Pray that she does well and for our strength. It will be a long day. We are scheduled to arrive in St. Louis around midnight. So many hurdles, but we will make it.

L**** has a Shriners appointment at the end of June. Please pray that the left hip has not slipped any further. Pray for a miracle. It looks like she will have to have one more major surgery on the left hip. But, God is in control! And the prayers of God’s people make a difference.

On another note, a few weeks ago, Teresa and I took the pastors out to eat. We typically do this around Christmas as our way of saying how much we appreciate them. Last Christmas, we could not do it because of the COVID restrictions here. But, in May, we did. It was a full table as you can see in the photo. These are our General Baptist pastors who give so much of themselves to share the gospel of Christ here in Honduras. Pray that God continues to bless them. It has been hard. Attendance is still down significantly, but already in 2021, THERE HAVE BEEN 39 NEW BELIEVERS FOLLOW CHRIST IN BAPTISM! All for God’s glory.

Well, I will update more soon from the United States.

Thanks for all the prayers!!!!
Rodney, Teresa and L****