Mosquito Net Distribution (West Africa)

We had a great day with the people in T***** and the women were very grateful for the mosquito nets! The nets today were primarily for pregnant women and women who are nursing. We were also able to provide some children’s vitamins for about 80 children.

mosquito net is a type of meshed curtain that is draped over a bed or a sleeping area, to offer the sleeper barrier protection against bites and stings from mosquitos, flies, and other pest insects, and thus against the diseases they may carry. Examples of such preventable insect-borne diseases include malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, zika virus and various forms of encephalitis, including the West Nile virus.

To be effective, the mesh of a mosquito net must be fine enough to exclude such insects without obscuring visibility or ventilation to unacceptable levels. Research has shown mosquito nets to be an extremely effective method of malaria prevention.  GBIM purchases their nets locally to insure suitability.

Mosquito nets cost $2 each and medicines for malaria costs $4.  Would you consider a $10 gift today to help purchase nets for a family of five or provide medicine for two people plus a net?

Please visit, select International Ministries and then type “malaria prevention” in the notes box that appears.

Thanks again!

WA Mosquito net distribution

Photo credit Tjeerd Wiersma from Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Flickr   under license