Transformation (Faith Home Update)

Transformation. That’s the word that resonated to my heart as new children arrived at Faith Home. They always send pictures and ask if we have space. Our hearts break as we see their scared, sad faces as they sit in the child services office awaiting their fate. No matter what their previous circumstances, no child can be happy when being uprooted from all they have ever known and thrust into an unknown future. Fast-forward to their arrival on the Faith Home campus. A slight transformation as their little faces press against the window of the car in awe, taking in the beautiful scenery of this place. I can’t help but imagine that as they cross the gate, they sense God’s presence here. A momentary assurance that is it going to be ok even if they don’t understand why or how. Another slight transformation as they enter the Faith Home office and are greeted by the friendly face of the psychologist, who quickly assesses their emotional state and offers reassurance as she listens to their concerns or just simply holds them as they are too sad or afraid to speak. Sometimes they seem surprised that someone just wants to hear their story or know their name.

Continued transformation as they go ‘home’ with their new house-parents and begin to know what real love is. The love of a family and most importantly start to see the love of Christ in action. The most rewarding visible transformation is in a few days when we see those little faces smiling and laughing. But the very BEST transformation is in a few years when they fully embrace the salvation of God and they are transformed from the inside out. Their faces radiate with the spirit of God, and they are transformed into a new person in Christ.

As our newest children arrived, we asked a few of the current transition girls to help us find them clothes and necessities in the office. It was an amazing experience for them, as they had never been present when new children arrived. They expressed in the nightly devotion that it helped them to understand just how far each of them had come since their arrival years ago at Faith Home. They each thanked God for all that he has done in their lives and for the opportunity to grow up here. Thank you, God, for this lesson in transformation and for continuing to transform lives through this ministry.

When the days seem long and the problems seem to never end, it’s moments like these that remind us what it’s all about…Faith Home is transforming lives!!