Eight Baptized in Japan

The General Baptist mission in Yaizu City, Japan currently has more than fifty members since its founding in 2020. It includes 17 men, 22 women, 12 young people, and seven children. Our church is also proud of our three pastors and two laypersons, constituting our pulpit ministry.

Our church is among many churches in Japan that are deeply affected by the pandemic through lockdown and strict measures against the novel coronavirus. For instance, there was one Sunday in January 2021 that the church was not able to assemble in person after some of our members were strictly put in quarantine. Fortunately, we conducted our service at that time through Facebook Messenger. In addition, our Thanksgiving and Christmas Celebration was almost cancelled because the prefecture government was enforcing rules prohibiting gatherings of more than thirty people. After some negotiation, we were allowed to continue our celebration, however with some restrictions.

The church has continued to grow since then. In August 2021, we conducted our first baptism ceremony, in which eight believers were baptized. These newly baptized believers attended a series of lectures taught by one of our pastors as a prerequisite for baptism. It included the importance of baptism and the commitments of being born again.

Our church also gave the opportunity to select young men and women to stand in the pulpit and deliver a message. We want to train them and if it is God’s will, some of them, if not all of them, would pursue for pastoral vocation.