Brantley Update (July 2021)

Our Summit Table

Hello to all of our faithful supporters. Sorry for the delay in the July updates, we had a really busy end of the month. Throughout July, We continued to visit different churches in Missouri. We had the honor to visit Pastor Tim Reese and his congregation in Ava, MO this month. It was nice to catch up with friends we haven’t seen in a while. They were having a prayer and communion service. It filled our souls and energized us to go out and continue to do God’s work. We were also blessed to visit The Fountain, Corning 1st GB, Willow Springs, Fairview in Grandin, Oak Ridge, and Mt Zion in southern Illinois. A special shout out to Mt Zion, they came on board to financially support us before they had even met us. Thank you for having faith in those who God has called. We enjoyed our time at each and every church we visited last month and look forward to those we will visit in August.

We spent July 26-28, 2021 in Owensboro, KY at the Summit. If you have never been, it is the General Baptist’s national convention. I would highly recommend it for church leaders, Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, active members…. It is awesome! The preaching sessions this year were focused on calling–God’s calling. It was energizing, eye-opening, Spirit filled.

Every year when we go, we get the chance to run into old friends that we may not see on a regular basis. This year was no different. We had the opportunity to have a display about our journey to the Philippines in the exhibit hall as well. There we got to share our call to missions and visit with supporters, like the two ladies from Florida pictured below.

Our Florida Friends

This year, the kids got to help package rice protein packs that will go to help feed hungry families in several mission fields. The rice is donated by a family that felt led to tithe ten percent of their rice crops. Jeremiah and Allie also got to hang out with The Dame’s kids, who are missionaries to Saipan. The Dame family was also in for the Summit.

We were blessed to be able to help with Cedar Grove VBS while were in Kentucky. They did an amazing job decorating the church and keeping the kids engaged and excited about digging for the Truth. We had a wonderful two days of fellowship with them. Thank you to the ladies for keeping us well-fed!

Our situation really has not changed much since our last newsletter. We are still waiting on the Philippines to open their borders to international travel. We continue to stay in contact via email with the embassy. They are beginning to vaccinate, and we are praying that as the vaccination rate goes up, restrictions will come down. We are continually in prayer for God’s guidance during this time of waiting. We will continue to serve from here until we leave. Schuyler is still filling in at churches that do not have pastors when needed. We are also continuing our language lessons to prepare for our departure.

We are very grateful to all those who pray for us and the ministry God has called us to in the Philippines. We are also very grateful to all of those who support us financially in that call as well. It is an honor to serve as your missionaries. If you do not currently support our journey financially, but would like to, donations can be sent to:

GBGM, 100 Stinson Drive, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901. Please put “Brantley Family” in the memo section of the check. Thank you and God Bless,

Cathy, Schuyler, Jeremiah and Allie Brantley