New Potential Church in Honduras

This write-up about a potential new church in Honduras appeared on the Honduras General Baptist Churches Facebook page. The write-up gives some insight into the church adoption process in Honduras. If often takes a year, more or less, for a local church and the Honduras Association to walk through the vetting process of full membership and acceptance. Such matters are taken very seriously, as they ought to be.

“A few nights ago, Miguel and I (Rodney Walls) met with a small new church in a community that was destroyed from flooding after the hurricanes. We have taken supplies into this area several times. From this sharing of Christ’s love practically, we became acquainted with this church. Miguel and I worshiped with them, and then there was a time for questions and answers. The pastor and several of the members are wanting to unite with us as General Baptist.

“It is a process here, but over the next several months, this little church and our General Baptist pastors will seek God’s leading. Though clearly, the Holy Spirit was present in our meeting! Pray for this process and that God’s leading will be clear!

“PS. We don’t have any General Baptist churches in this area…yet.”

Unified Giving is the largest contributor to Honduran Church Planting. While there are designated gifts that come along through the year, your churches gifts through the Unified Giving program make much of this type of ministry possible. Contact the Global Missions office if you would like to learn more about how Unified Giving is used for church planting and missions. Thank you!

To give a special gift for Honduras Church Planting please visit, select Global (International) Missions, and type “Honduras church planting” in the notes field that will appear or send your gift to General Baptist Ministries, 100 Stinson Drive, Poplar Bluff, MO. 63901 and write “Honduras church planting” on the memo line of your check.