Mosquito Nets for West Africa

Our (Kris and Nicole) 4th mosquito net distribution took place today, helping approximately 150 people! This distribution was made possible by the First Free Will Baptist Church in Florence, Alabama, which designated their VBS offering for mosquito nets in Niger. Thank you all!

Malaria killed more than 5,000 people in Niger in 2020, mostly children, making it the top killer according to health authorities. According to an article on, the malaria death toll in Niger was 3,373 in 2019 including 2,835 children under age five. The death toll shot up to 5,056 in 2020 due to severe flooding causing favorable conditions for mosquito reproduction.

There is no vaccine against malaria, and the World Health Organization says sleeping under a mosquito net is the most effective defense against mosquitos carrying malaria.

According to the france24 article, a net typically costs up to $1,000 CFA Francs ($1.80 USD), while two-thirds of Niger’s population live on around 500 CFA a day.

Kris and Nicole also shared two prayer requests. First, please thank the Lord with us for the good rains that the village of G***** is receiving. The millet crop is looking really great!

Second, please pray with us for Brian Kinser, who is battling COVID pneumonia in the hospital. Remember his wife Kelly, and their son as well. We love them all, and they are family to us, so we appreciate you remembering them all, but especially Brian, in your prayers. Thank you!