Flood Relief (India)

In early August, we reported that five tribal villages were underwater due to flooding near P**********. More than 400 hundred families were moved up to the mountain for safety and have lost everything. There are two General Baptist Churches in the area, pastored by Karunanidhi and Sridhar.

This week, Calvary Grace Association was able to supply much needed relief to those affected by the flooding. Pastor Jessey reports, “We thank the Lord for the opportunity to help the people who are affected in the flooded areas with groceries and food.” All in all, the members of S******* church packed and distributed food to 500 families. “Please pray that these will be sufficient for all in need and help satisfy their hunger for at least two weeks. If God is willing, we want to do this again in two weeks.” The area in need is an 11-hour drive from the main part of the association.

Ten pastors in the flooded area received special help of 50 pounds of rice and cooking supplies.

Donations for flood relief may be made at donate.generalbaptist.com – select Global Missions and then designate “flood relief.” Thank you.