West Africa Mission Update

This update from the West Africa Mission for July 2021. It is from our national worker.

“Good evening everyone, we hope you’re having a good week. I just wanted to share the latest report we have from our pastor out east in the village. Please continue to pray for pastor Z and the ministry there. It makes a difference!” (Kris)

This month of July I went to share the gospel with a group of older men who stayed at the mosque where they were chatting. As I arrived there, I greeted them and there are five minutes of silence because of my presence. Then one among them told me that when he was a young boy there was an old man who was catholic at D***** (25 km away) who was a white man that came and helped them.

He said the good things that we are doing in the village reminded him of that man. He added that they are very happy to see how we assist people in the village and the way we share it among the people.

Their women received rice and the mosquito nets inside the church wall. We had given nets to 100 women in the village, and at that time I also shared the gospel. I told them that all we do is what Jesus taught us to do by sharing His love to all people. Some women showed their gratitude and thankfulness for the nets they received. Thank you!

From Pastor Z General Baptist church of G*****