A Family Changed (West Africa)

Here is a brief testimony from A***** on how he and his family became believers.

“My father was a Muslim scholar, when an American lady brought to him a cassette at the market (he was working as a tailor), it was the Gospel of John, and she said ‘here is a cassette, it is the Christian gospel’ and he replied ‘we do not usually listen to this kind of thing, but maybe I will listen to it.’ She gave it to him and she went away.

During the night he listened to the cassette, and he discovered that it does make sense. All night long he kept comparing his Qu’ran and the Gospel of John. He ended up by realizing that he had the real story of Jesus now! Then he decided to follow Christ.

The next morning, the family refused to believe him, especially my mother. I was six years old when I started going to church with my father. At that time, the church is composed of three people. There was a lot of persecution from my mother and from outside. It took some years before my mother became a Christian. After her, all my brothers and sisters also became Christians.

Now, since 2001 our church is composed of nine people (my family and the family of my father’s friend). This is a hint of our history to Christianity. Please tell your friends that we need their prayers! Thank you”

Look for a more detailed account in the near future of how A***** came to know Christ, and the persecution he faced from his own mother, as well as his friends and neighbors. The power of God’s Word changes lives – even the lives of Muslim scholars!