Brantley’s Journey to Service (August 2021)

Hello from The Brantleys. We are coming to you again from Camp Allen. Not much has changed regarding our departure date prospects. We are keeping an eye on regulations and restrictions in the Philippines. At this time, the restrictions are still in place that restrict any international travel. We will continue to monitor for and report back any changes as they come about.

What have we been doing this past month? We had the honor of visiting several churches this month. Among those were our home church, Cave Springs General Baptist Church in Marion, KY. It was so nice to be able to fellowship with our church family back home. Schuyler has been filling in at churches around the area that are still without pastors. His last count of churches without pastors was over sixty. That is just General Baptist churches. This is a problem other denominations are seeing as well. Please be in prayer for the flocks without shepherds. 

This past weekend I was able to attend the “Joy For The Journey” women’s conference in Lake City, AR. hosted at Refuge Church. The focus of the conference was just as the title implies, finding your joy. The key note speakers were Maryann Kelley and Jen King from My Sister and Me ministries. These two amazing women brought an awesome message on Friday and Saturday. Along with Maryann and Jen, several ladies from around the Lake City area, came and led breakout sessions to teach and encourage all the women in attendance. Over the two days, I was able to recharge my walk with Christ. As we go about our daily life we tend to get so busy with all the little things, that we can lose our focus on our walk with Christ. We tend to prioritize our lives based on what the world around us prioritizes. However, scripture tells us to be in the world, not of the world. We need to start making sure we are putting Christ as the top priority in our life. So, think about this, where is the focus in your life? What takes your time? What takes your attention? What takes your money? Are you in your Bible daily? Are you tithing to your church? Are you serving in your church? Those later things will draw you closer to Christ. They will increase the joy in your life. I encourage each of you to take a moment to reflect on these things and to find the joy in your life.

After getting home from the women’s conference, we were able to take Allie to the rodeo in Dexter. She has wanted to attend a rodeo for a while now. Both kids really enjoyed watching the bull riding and the chute dogging. Schuyler and Jeremiah are thinking about giving chute dogging a go in two weeks. I think they have lost their minds, but if it makes them happy, I will cheer them on!

Allie loves nature and animals! While she was helping to move firewood at Camp Allen, she found eight snakes and a split tail lizard. She took time to show off the snakes to Jonathan and Angie’s grandson. He loved it!!

The kids enjoyed a night out at the Puxico fair with friends they met at Camp Allen. Allie left with several stuffed animals! Wyatt wasn’t so sure about the ferris wheel, but he did ok.

After school work is done, the kids have some chill time with friends.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to all who support us through prayers and finances. We could not do the work that God has called us to without you all. We look forward to keeping you all updated as soon as we find out any news from the Philippines.

God Bless,

Cathy, Schuyler, Jeremiah, and Allie Brantley

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