India Association Reopens One Dorcas Sewing Center

It has been a difficult year for the Dorcas Sewing Center ministry in India due to the fluctuations caused by the COVID pandemic. It would seem that as sewing centers would begin to reopen, another wave of COVID would shut them down again.

One Dorcas Sewing Center reopened during the month of August. The center, located at R*******, works with 15 impoverished women and widows. While the women are mainly Hindu, each day opens with scripture and prayer or, as Dr. Prakash puts it, they “are attending the training classes and listening to the gospel every day.” We are asking prayer for India that ministry operations may return to something more like normal soon!

India Association does continue to reach out to its pastors significantly with COVID assistance. Dr. Prakash reports that COVID cases are increasing in his area so believers are not attending the churches, making it difficult for ministries, especially pastors.

The association was able to deliver pastors relief to 65 pastors in five different areas during August 2021. The locations were A*********** where 10 pastors received assistance, R*********** where another 10 pastors received assistance, K******* 10 pastors, and P******* where 26 pastors were reached and is also the main center of the association. Pastors received anywhere from 6,000 to 16,000 Indian rupees worth of assistance.