Food Rationing in West Africa

The Yeomans report that the rainy season has not been great to some people they minister to, and the millet isn’t growing well in one of the villages we work in. This will have negative effects in the months to come.

We have heard stories about people rationing food, and many families are drinking millet water as a lunch meal, and then eating the millet later in the day after working in the fields.

As a result of these reports, we have distributed 32 large sacks of rice at the Grace General Baptist Church in G*****.

We also had a very good meeting with the chief of one of the villages we are working in, and he said he was very happy to see us, and that his village is now our village, too! Also, we’ve made great progress with the youth ministry in this village, so these are all great things! Thanks again for your continued prayers, and we hope you all have a great week.

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