Walls Update (Honduras)

Life is always full. Baby Girl (guess I need to change that to Big Girl) is doing good. She is doing physical and now occupational therapy at Shriners. They wear her out in a good way. She usually sleeps really well after all the therapy. The goal is to get her sitting up. We believe! We believe God is going to touch her little body and give her strength.

Along this end, both therapists at Shriners are recommending that we purchase Big Girl an activity chair for her that will allow her to sit, play and eat. I’ve attached a photo of her in the chair. As always, it will cost. Cost more than I thought. Looks like with what she will need, the price will be about $5000. If this is something that you are interested in helping with, please let me know.

I return to Honduras in three weeks for the first ever HBI (Honduras Bible Institute) graduation. There will be 54 graduating. Such a big moment, and Pastor Miguel (lead teacher) and the students are all excited.

On another note, we found out recently that Teresa will need a knee replacement. We had hoped it could be put off another year or so, but not to be. Surgery will be the first of November. Please pray for a quick and full recovery.

Your support means the world to us! Knowing you have our backs in prayer keeps us going.