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We’ve assembled important information that will help you prepare for participating in a mission trip.

There are four things you must have and/or do: 1. Passport, 2. Shots, 3. Raise Support, 4. Submit application

You will need a current passport that will not expire for at least 6 months AFTER you return from your mission. If you do not have one, stop by any post office or visit http://travel.state.gov/passport for a Passport Application. You will need a passport photo which can be taken at most drug stores.

If you do not have a passport and are close to the deadline for a trip, you may request a rush order. Rates will vary. Check this website for more information.

To minimize health risks while traveling  it is highly recommended that you visit the links below and have the appropriate shots.
Vaccinations Needed for Honduras

Vaccinations Needed for Jamaica

Vaccinations Needed for Philippines

Vaccinations Needed for India

Vaccinations Needed for Mexico

Vaccinations Needed for Niger

Visa requirements

India and Niger require visa applications to be processed and approved in advance.  Please visit these web sites for further information.

India e-Visa application

Niger Visa information

Instructions and Forms
Please download the following pdf files and complete the paper application.  Download and Complete – Participant Forms

Before you leave...

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