VIDEO: GBBC Update July 2021

GBBC Responds to Pandemic Victoriously

Dr. Joyce Porcadillia-Rubia shares an update concerning the General Baptist Bible College in Davao City, Philippines. General Baptist were generous to respond to a call for financial assistance for the Bible College during the recent pandemic, and the college was able to keep its doors open in spite of a serious downturn in the Philippine… Continue reading VIDEO: GBBC Update July 2021

Chiapas Bible Institute Graduates First Class (Mexico)

Chiapas Bible Institute in Mexico graduated a class of 17 students in July 2021. This is the first of the Mexico Bible Institutes to complete a program of study. The majority of the students were from the Bible Institute in Peniel, but there were also students from Torre Fuerta, Monte del Eden, and Monte de… Continue reading Chiapas Bible Institute Graduates First Class (Mexico)

GBIM @ Summit

International Missions is pleased to announce the following international guests will be present at the 2021 Summit in Owensboro, Kentucky. The Dame family from Saipan Community Church, Jessey Vemula from Calvary Grace Association (India), Becky Coomer (ELIC), and Dr. Rodney and Teresa Walls (Honduras). National leaders present will be Rev. Phillip Pusey (Jamaica) and Pedro… Continue reading GBIM @ Summit

Faith Home Child Care Center (Honduras)

Faith Home is a General Baptist ministry providing a safe and healthy place to love and raise children who were neglected, abandoned, and abused. Faith Home consists of a 50 acre campus near San Pedro Sula, Honduras. On this campus, homes have been constructed to provide housing for the children. Married, Honduran, Christian couples have… Continue reading Faith Home Child Care Center (Honduras)

What is a missionary share?

One of the most important keys to successful missionary life is the development of ministry partners or what we commonly call “share partners.”  This is accomplished through a process of relationship building with various churches and individuals. These partners infuse the missionary with their time, energy, resources, and prayer.  They are key links to sharing… Continue reading What is a missionary share?

The Brantley’s Journey To Service (June 2021)

Update on our journey–again we are still here in the United States. The Philippines is still not allowing international travel. We have submitted all of our paperwork for visas to the embassy. At this time they are not issuing visas without a travel exemption being issued by the Filipino government. We have requested a travel… Continue reading The Brantley’s Journey To Service (June 2021)