Faith Home Child Care Center (Honduras)

Faith Home is a General Baptist ministry providing a safe and healthy place to love and raise children who were neglected, abandoned, and abused. Faith Home consists of a 50 acre campus near San Pedro Sula, Honduras. On this campus, homes have been constructed to provide housing for the children. Married, Honduran, Christian couples have… Continue reading Faith Home Child Care Center (Honduras)

Improvements to Las Perlas Church (Honduras)

Las Perlas after renovations

The General Baptist Church in Las Perlas, Honduras is one of our oldest churches in the country dating back to the ministry of Archie and Virginia Crawford. The church facility was in need of some renovation, which is now well under way. The improvements are dramatic. Pastor Dias serves as the pastor of the Las… Continue reading Improvements to Las Perlas Church (Honduras)

Robin Lowery Update

Greeting from Honduras! As of today (5/3/21), I have been in Honduras for 12 weeks. I am still attending language school and have had many opportunities to practice my Spanish. Last week I was able to give a short presentation in the language school over different learning styles and teaching methods. The school also organized… Continue reading Robin Lowery Update

Legacy Gift From Garvinwood Church

During the last year the Garvinwood Church in Evansville, Indiana decided that it was time to merge with a nearby congregation. In doing so, they choose to leave a legacy of ministry through sharing with Oakland City University and General Baptist International Missions part of the proceeds from the sale of the Garvinwood property. The… Continue reading Legacy Gift From Garvinwood Church