Calvary Grace Dedicates Well #38 (India)

Calvary Grace Association in India dedicated its 38th water well. The funds for this well were donated by the Henderson General Baptist Church under the pastoral leadership of Chad Hensley. Watch here to learn what motivated Pastor Chad to lead the Henderson Church on this journey. Here is the result.

India Association Covid Relief (June 2021)

As India continues to struggle with the covid pandemic, Pastor Prakash and the India Association continue to respond. During the month of June 2021, India Association coordinated distribution of groceries to Pastors and poorer families in at least eight locations. A total of 112 pastoral families were assisted, not all of them General Baptists, and… Continue reading India Association Covid Relief (June 2021)

India Hit Hard by Current Strain of COVID

Baptism at Pithapuram Church

India has been receiving the brunt of the news concerning COVID during the month of April 2021.  As of the date of this writing India’s death toll had topped 200,000, with 300,000 new cases daily for nearly a week (FoxNews).  Pastor Prakash reports that all Dorcas Sewing Centers have been suspended effective April 25, 2021.… Continue reading India Hit Hard by Current Strain of COVID

Four Baptized in India

Four new baptisms. Pray for these brothers and sisters, that they remain faithful to the Lord and become fishers of men. All glory to God. One of the interesting characteristics of Indian baptism is the giving of a new name.  Many Indians have names that honor their Hindu and Muslim heritage, and in Christian baptism… Continue reading Four Baptized in India