India Hit Hard by Current Strain of COVID

Baptism at Pithapuram Church

India has been receiving the brunt of the news concerning COVID during the month of April 2021.  As of the date of this writing India’s death toll had topped 200,000, with 300,000 new cases daily for nearly a week (FoxNews).  Pastor Prakash reports that all Dorcas Sewing Centers have been suspended effective April 25, 2021.… Continue reading India Hit Hard by Current Strain of COVID

India Association Update for March 2021

We praise and thank our Lord Jesus Christ for His blessings and protection over this ministry. We thank all our General Baptist for their wonderful support. During March 2021 India Association was active in these ministry areas: Dorcas Sewing Centers: DSC are working to reach poor women with the gospel and help them learn sewing… Continue reading India Association Update for March 2021

Calvary Grace Medical Camp #17

Calvary Grace Association conducted medical camp #17 during March 2021 in the tribal village of Mull***. This medical camp was able to  assist 144 villagers with both medical care and an opportunity to learn about the love of Christ. You can sponsor a medical camp by visiting (or texting “give” to 573.282.7171) selecting International… Continue reading Calvary Grace Medical Camp #17

Two Lydia Sewing Center Graduations (India)

Lydia Sewing center, Batch # 22 Fourteen members have successfully finished their sewing course and each received a sewing machine. This course took place in Chi*** tribal village, where Pastor Sridhar planted a church eight years ago. Five young girls from this batch started coming to church every Sunday for the last two and half… Continue reading Two Lydia Sewing Center Graduations (India)