Danli: Southeastern District

Danli: Southeastern District of Honduras

The Churches in the southeast are very appreciative of recent team activity in their area and pray they will continue to come in the future. Learn more of our churches in southeastern Honduras and possibilities for your group to do a 20/80 partnership with them!  There are 2 churches and 2 open works/preaching points (campo blancos).

New Jerusalem Church (Las Perlas):

Pastor:  Pastor (yes that is his real name)

New Jerusalem Church is located in a small community next to the public elementary school.  It has 25 to 30 in attendance and is ready to continue the Lord’s work. Pastor Pastor has been one of our most faithful workers over the years.  The community around the church and school has become a better community over the years due to the influence of church and school. This church is in need of:

  • Floor tile in one room approx. 8×16
  • Wall finish in two rooms 8×16
  • Light fixtures and entire church needs re-wiring

Mountain Group: Newly opened work (campo blanco)

Pastor:  Pastor   also has mountain group that he visits regularly.

Emmanuel Church:

Pastor:  Tito

Church has around 40 members and many children. Church is in need of expansion.

  • This Church is full to the max, and has no place for youth or children’s ministry.
  • They are asking for help for a lean to (this would be excellent for one of the church roof tops we have but must be moved from Faith Home and put up).

Santa Maria: campo blanco

Pastor: Tito

Group will grow when a location is found.  Properties are available.
Contact MVP director Kris Yeoman or Ministry Development coordinator Pete Lapaz to partner with one of these projects.