Global Partners: MBI

The purpose of the Matigsalug Bible Institute is to train Christian workers and pastors for the tribal areas. MBI makes theological training available at an entry level for those who have not completed high school. When young men and women enter MBI they are trained not only how to preach, but how to work as well. They are assigned duties on the property such as farming or facility maintenance to subsidize their costs.
Founded by General Baptists in 1978, the Matigsalug Bible Institute in Mindanao, Philippines has been training pastor and Christian workers  for ministry in the tribal areas of Mindanao.  The staff members, the students and their families live in a community and are growing in their Christian walk. Many great steps have been made to make the school less dependent by planting the rice fields and raising tilapia.  Students may also be sponsored  for $200 for 1 year.
Students are required to perform a 2 month practicum each year. For those 2 months they are assigned to churches in their home association.  Upon graduation they are free to pastor churches on a full time basis.