Before You Go: Definitions

Before You Go: Some Definitions

Considering a Mission One team, short term missions or maybe an internship? All of these are awesome opportunities to serve the Lord.  First some definitions:
MVP Mission One – Missions Volunteer Program (MVP). This is the traditional name for GBGM’s short term team approach to missions. It is currently called Mission One.  Mission One Teams work with missionaries and national workers to accomplish the goals of the mission in any particular country or ministry.
Short term missions (STM).  This is GBGM’s approach to individuals or families who feel led to serve God for a 1-3 month (or longer) term on one of our mission fields.
Internship. These may be college interns or post graduate internships on one of our fields.
Dr. Jim Pratt is the Mission One coordinator for GBGM.  Please contact him at the mission office with your questions.