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gbim logo smallIs God speaking to you about doing work as a missionary?  Please consider the opportunities we have to offer.  Each of this positions is an important piece in the work of God through General Baptists.


Pastor/Missionary Saipan Community Church

Status: Partnership/Full Appointment

A Pastor for Saipan Community Church is needed immediately.

sccSaipan Community Church is a multi-cultural church that ministers to the local Chamorro population as to a host of guest workers from around the world.

Saipan Community Church also sponsors the Saipan Community School a K-Grade 8 School.

The ideal candidate:

  1. Will have a living, vibrant testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. Be a spiritually mature individual.
  3. Have a sense of call to this ministry.
  4. Have at least a bachelor’s degree with an advanced degree preferred.
  5. Have at least 5 years of pastor experience with senior pastor experience in a multi staff church preferred.
  6. Experience with Christian schools is preferred but not necessary.
  7. The pastor at Saipan Community Church must feel comfortable around people of influence since he may be asked at times to represent the church and community in various appointed capacities.



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Status: Full Time Appointment

The United States is defended by the 1.4 million active duty members of the Armed Forces that are serving on bases and posts, aboard ships and around the world.  These numbers are bolstered by Reserve and National Guard components making the total approximately 2.3 million personnel who are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

At General Baptist International Ministries, we are committed to reaching and ministering to the military God has sent our way on the island of Guam.  Please pray for our military personnel, their families and for their selfless service to our nation.  Pray  also for a GBIM  missionary  who will reach sailors, soldiers, airmen and marines on the island of Guam for the glory of God.

We are looking for a spiritually mature person with military background and experience who has a strong call to ministry and feels led to minister to the 7,000 military and their families on the island of Guam.


  • Shop Teacher Faith Home

    Faith Home – Shop Teacher – Start date: 2015 New!

    Status: Short Term Opportunity

    FH logo new 2014Join our team of people at Faith Home in Honduras.  We’re investing in young people and we need you to use and grow your technical skills to keep a life-changing ministry operating. Being part of the community you will receive the blessing of knowing that you have been part of something special.

    • This is a volunteer position and must be self funded.
    • We are looking for a 3-6 month commitment.
    • Teach shop classes in a variety of subjects.
    • Oversee and be proficient in facility maintenance.
    • Experience as a shop teacher preferred but not required.
    • Experience as a contractor with good communication skills preferred.
    • Proficiency in Spanish a big bonus.

    Contact the mission office if interested.


  • Tribal Missionary Needed

    Tribal Missionary Needed

    Status: Full Time Appointment

    matigsalug-tribe-davao-philippinesCalled to missions? Up to a challenge? Willing to live a self-sufficient and rugged lifestyle?  This may be exactly where God is calling you.

    GBIM is looking for a missionary to minister to the heart of the island of Mindanao and finish the task of reaching unreached or partially reached people groups.  GBIM began tribal outreach on Mindanao in the late 1970’s.  It is time we refocus and re-energize our efforts to finish the task.

    This missionary will serve as an encourager, coach and enabler of national pastors to facilitate the progression of church planting among tribal groups on Mindanao.

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  • Volunteer at GBBC


    As GBBC places serious emphasis on intellectual growth, emotional, social and spiritual maturity, and character development, this institution also gives importance to the physical development and health of its students and faculty. GBBC also wishes to extend whatever services that can be offered even to the families of our students as well as to the community around.

    With this GBBC proposes a partnership with GBIM through its Mission One Program (MVP) where professionals and other skilled workers can come to GBBC for a short-term or long-term period to help in the different needs. Specific professionals and skilled workers needed in the different areas of ministry of GBBC are the following:

    Health/Physical CarePhysicians, Dentists, Nurses, Nutritionists, Health aficionados and other medical practitioners

    GBBC has a school clinic with a nurse who is full time but who also teaches and is the Girls’ Dorm Supervisor as well. A medical practitioner may come long term or even short term to help develop the health and physical care program of the school as well as conduct regular clinics. Likewise, he/she can have classroom instructions in all levels as all levels have health subjects. This will definitely help our staff nurse as we only have one for the entire campus and at the same time we do a lot of off campus community outreach activities.

    Guidance and CounselingGuidance Counselors, Occupational Therapists, Special Educators, Psychologists

    GBBC only has one Guidance Counselor and we have more than 800 students. Student assessment and counseling and other programs under this unit can be overwhelming for just one person. Furthermore, our Guidance Counselor does not have formal training in Special Education and others relating to children with special needs and we do have students with special needs on campus as we cannot deny them enrolment. Thus, the above mentioned professionals can help develop the Guidance unit of GBBC as well as help provide intervention and other beneficial methods and strategies to improve this unit. Professionals who will come, will be expected to work alongside our Guidance Counselor and can provide mentoring as well as have the opportunity to have classroom instruction in all levels, specifically in the college department, but shall also help in the assessment of students and introduce a variety of effective tools to help our Guidance Counselor and the school as a whole.

    Therapy for children with special needs is a great need as seeking professional help in the Philippines is very costly. This can be a very good ministry and service that can be provided to various families.

    Occupational Therapists, Guidance Counselors, Psychologists, Special Educators we can also provide lectures and counseling to students on topics such as coping up with peer pressure and dealing with identity crisis, drug addiction prevention, and the like. Likewise, we can also provide the same lectures and counseling to parents on topics about parenting and other relevant topics.

    Sports and Physical EducationSports Enthusiasts, Coaches, Physical Education Teachers

    Although we do have teachers teaching Physical Education, but we do not have a single PE teacher who focuses on that alone and most of our teachers are overloaded, thus, coaching our different sports teams and providing sports clinics have not been given full attention. Our students also participate and compete in various interschool sports events. Therefore, it will be beneficial to have someone who can come and be the sports coordinator or PE in-charge. This may not sound like a full-time job but it is a full-time job considering the number of sports and teams in all departments that we have at GBBC. Among others, we have teams in Basketball (Men), Volleyball (Men and Women), Badminton (Men and Women), Table Tennis (Men and Women), Soccer (Men), and trying so hard to form a Lawn Tennis team.

    Information Technology and CommunicationIT professionals, Web Designers and Developers, Computer Hardware and Software Experts, Multi-media specialists

    GBBC only has two technical people on staff. One is also teaching. But all technical jobs are under them. The amount of computer works, photocopying, and everything else related to this is indescribable. Professionals and skilled at this specifically on hardware and software maintenance is greatly beneficial. This is also need to help GBBC automate its processes and systems in the accounting and data collection departments. This will also help GBBC improve its web presence thereby improving promotions and marketing of the school.

    Music and Arts – Musicians, Music Teachers, Arts Teacher, Visual and Performing Arts Professionals/Enthusiasts

    Music and the arts is always a big thing in any institution. Although we have a music and an art teacher, they are all running around the campus teaching in all departments. If we can get some help in this area it will be extremely an advantage.

    Maintenance and Construction – Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, etc.

    As GBBC strives harder to improve the quality of Christian education that it provides, with this is the demand to improve its facilities. A number of repairs and     constructions are needed on campus to create a better and more conducive learning and teaching environment.

    Since GBBC experiences financial challenges, it cannot do all the work that is needed on campus at once. It is because of this that we appeal for a partnership with GBIM through its Missions Volunteer Program/Mission One and even through other organizations and groups who have the resources and manpower to help us in the    physical development of GBBC.

    As big as the campus is, we only have one full time maintenance person. We hire services of a couple of people on a per project basis. But maintenance work on campus is never ending. Therefore, construction teams as well as other support groups who    can help in the maintenance department are very much needed. Among the    important projects that need to be done are the following:

    • Construction of Dormitories (Men’s, Ladies’, Couples’)
    • Construction of additional classrooms
    • Construction of Additional Restrooms as mandated by DepEd
    • Rehabilitation of the Electrical Wiring of the entire campus
    • Repainting of the chapel and rehabilitation of the chapel platform and walls as the termites have infested it.
    • Repainting of school buildings
    • Rehabilitation/refurbishment of the Administration Building

    In all of the above-mentioned needs for professionals and skilled workers, no one on staff will lose his/her existing job. This will be a big help as all our staff are doing multiple jobs and this will mean some of our staff will be relieved of doing other jobs and can focus on their main appointment/assignment. This will also help the school financially by not hiring or employing additional staff.

    Any missionary coming here with these qualifications, skills, professional and educational backgrounds will certainly have a full-time ministry and results can certainly be measurable as desired results for each one coming in shall be very specific. Therefore, at the end of each term, mission volunteers will know if they have done a good job.

    All efforts of all volunteers will not be focused and concentrated only within the campus of GBBC as GBBC has a community outreach program where specific activities are done off campus with the students. Aside from that, services, especially in the area of medical, dental, guidance and counseling shall be extended to parents and guardians of the students, thus this will be a great ministry that the volunteers can do apart with the students.

    All these can be very good and effective ways to promote the school and this can definitely draw more patronage.

    Matigsalug Bible Institute

    Furthermore, as this relates to MBI, the following are mainly needed:

    • Agriculturists (Animals and Plants)
    • Maintenance and Construction Workers
    • Medical Practitioners
  • Cross Cultural Instructors

    Instructors Needed for Cross Cultural Studies

    gbim logo smallPart of our 10/40 Initiative will focus on the preparation of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) for their guest workers assignment and a Cross Cultural Studies concentration at GBBC.  There are currently 1.6 million OFW’s serving in various countries around the world as part of this program with an additional 800,000 more workers requested. Many of these requests come from the least evangelized countries of the world.

    The Philippines has also been presented new opportunities for Cross Cultural living through the newly formed ten nation ASEAN association.  The Association of South East Asian Nations will allow Filipinos to move freely among the ten nations and work in these nations as well.  The ten nations include  Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand,  Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), and Vietnam

    In partnership with the General Baptist Bible College and the General Baptist Church in the Philippines it is our desire to recruit cross-cultural professional volunteers who can commit 2-4 weeks to offer instruction in our Phase 1 or Phase 2 programs, or in the Cross Cultural Studies concentration at GBBC.

    Phase 1 will offer instruction in preparing to live overseas, cross-cultural living, culture shock, language acquisition, introduction to Islam or Hinduism, cross cultural communication etc.  Instruction in these life skills will be offered to all potential OFW’s  seeking assignment through the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or otherwise planning to live overseas.

    Phase 2 will focus on cross cultural outreach and will equip Christian Filipinos on how to cope in a non-Christian culture and offer further insight into Islam and/or Hinduism and advanced methods in cross cultural communication.  The goal of phase 2 will be to help the Christian Filipino live a productive Christian life in a non-Christian environment without the usual support of a local pastor or local church.

    The GBBC Cross Cultural Studies track will focus on one of several areas of concentration to include Cross Cultural Ministry, Cross Cultural Business and Cross Cultural Education.  Instructors or professors desiring to volunteer to teach in this track will need to commit for a 4-6 week short term ministry assignment and fulfill other requirements and expectations of GBBC.

    The successful short term missionary applicant for the phase 1 or 2 program will have received instruction in living overseas and will have successfully lived in an overseas situation or one who has advanced instruction or advanced degrees in cross cultural studies. Experience in teaching cross cultural studies a plus but not required.

    Advanced degrees in cross-cultural studies or advanced teaching experience in cross-cultural studies will be required for Adjunct Professors at GBBC in order to successfully teach in the Cross Cultural Studies concentration.

  • Agricultural Development

    Agriculturalist – MBI, The Philippines

    Status: Short Term Opportunity

    matigsalugAn urgent need exists for an agriculturalist to evaluate the need for and create a plan for an agricultural rehabilitation program at the Matigsalug Bible Institute.  The campus farm teaches tribal farmers how to become self-sustaining. It shows them how to grow and market alternative crops that provide food security and economic development. We are looking for a mature Christian who is a well qualified and experienced agriculturalist with some understanding of subsistence farming and tropical conditions. Would God be leading you to this position?

    • Purpose: Relief and Development
    • Term: 1-2 months
    • Status: Volunteer


If interested in any of these positions please submit a resume to GBIM, 100 Stinson Dr., Poplar Bluff, MO  63901.