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gbim logo smallIs God speaking to you about doing work as a missionary?  Please consider the opportunities we have to offer.  Each of this positions is an important piece in the work of God through General Baptists.


Pastor/Missionary Saipan Community Church

Status: Partnership/Full Appointment

A Pastor for Saipan Community Church is needed immediately.

sccSaipan Community Church is a multi-cultural church that ministers to the local Chamorro population as to a host of guest workers from around the world.

Saipan Community Church also sponsors the Saipan Community School a K-Grade 8 School.

The ideal candidate:

  1. Will have a living, vibrant testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. Be a spiritually mature individual.
  3. Have a sense of call to this ministry.
  4. Have at least a bachelor’s degree with an advanced degree preferred.
  5. Have at least 5 years of pastor experience with senior pastor experience in a multi staff church preferred.
  6. Experience with Christian schools is preferred but not necessary.
  7. The pastor at Saipan Community Church must feel comfortable around people of influence since he may be asked at times to represent the church and community in various appointed capacities.



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Status: Full Time Appointment

The United States is defended by the 1.4 million active duty members of the Armed Forces that are serving on bases and posts, aboard ships and around the world.  These numbers are bolstered by Reserve and National Guard components making the total approximately 2.3 million personnel who are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

At General Baptist International Ministries, we are committed to reaching and ministering to the military God has sent our way on the island of Guam.  Please pray for our military personnel, their families and for their selfless service to our nation.  Pray  also for a GBIM  missionary  who will reach sailors, soldiers, airmen and marines on the island of Guam for the glory of God.

We are looking for a spiritually mature person with military background and experience who has a strong call to ministry and feels led to minister to the 7,000 military and their families on the island of Guam.


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If interested in any of these positions please submit a resume to GBIM, 100 Stinson Dr., Poplar Bluff, MO  63901.

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