MD Phase 1

Missionary  Development (MD) Phase 1

    1. This is the pre-assessment phase.
    2. Be a member in good standing with a General Baptist Church or a church of like faith and practice.
    3. Read and agree with the General Baptist Statements of Faith
    4. Read and live in harmony with the Social Principles of General Baptists
    5. Contact us expressing interests in missionary appointment.
    6. Connect by phone to the Vice President of Global Missions
    7. If you have not visited one of our mission fields, especially the field you wish to serve, sign up for a Mission One team as soon as possible.
    8. Submit a resume, complete a Missionary Application and Submit references
    9. Take the online AssessME assessment. This is a preliminary assessment only. Click here to request AssessMe code. Then click below to access AssessMe.
    10. Schedule a formal interview with International Ministries director,