MD Phase 2

Missionary Development (MD) Phase 2

  1. This is the assessment phase.
  2. Receive a clear background check.  Please download and mail the consent form to GBGM, 100 Stinson Dr., Poplar Bluff, MO  63901
  3. Allow GBGM to conduct a credit check.
  4. Invitation to attend Missionary Assessment Center
    •  International Personnel Committee (IPC) Interview to include the GBGM Vice President, the President of General Baptist Ministries and other persons of the GBGM Vice President’s choosing.
    • Missionary Candidate Appointment to be determined.
      • It is possible that the candidate is determined not to be a good fit for GBGM (red light).
      • It is possible that the candidate, while determined to be well qualified, needs some additional training or other preparation as determined by the interview committee (yellow light).
      • It is possible that the candidate is found qualified and prepared to begin missionary service and MD phase 3 begins (green light).