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gbim logo smallPlease look through our project list prayerfully asking God to guide you as you pray about our partnership opportunities.  We are thankful for your partnership in God’s kingdom. We are thankful to God has called us to be partners in His divine grace!



  • GBBC Newsletter June 2021

    The school year 2020-21 has been very challenging for the General Baptist Bible College.  Thanks to your generosity and the valuable commitment of the administration, faculty, and staff of the college it has been completed successfully – in spite of the challenges.  You may catch up with GBBC in this June 2021 newsletter.

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  • Legacy Gift From Garvinwood Church

    During the last year the Garvinwood Church in Evansville, Indiana decided that it was time to merge with a nearby congregation. In doing so, they choose to leave a legacy of ministry through sharing with Oakland City University and General Baptist International Missions part of the proceeds from the sale of the Garvinwood property. The last service at the church was conducted on Sunday, March 21, 2021.

    Not long after the property closed and on April 13, 2021, Jack and Pat Boyer, long time members of Garvinwood Church, presented a check for 30% of the proceeds to General Baptist International Missions as an ongoing legacy of the ministry of Garvinwood. The two ministries designated to receive this gift were the General Baptist Bible College in the Philippines and Faith Home in Honduras. GBIM is extremely grateful to the folks of Garvinwood Church for making the choice to remember International Missions through this legacy church. We know the decision and process were very difficult for all involved but the choice to continue the legacy of the church through these two institutions is greatly appreciated.

  • Brantley: March 2021 Update

    Today as I was doing my daily Bible reading and journaling, my verse of the day was Luke 22:42, “Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.”

    All to often we pray to God and ask for things to be done the way we want them done. We don’t add that last part “not my will, but thine, be done.” God wants us to bring our desires to Him. He wants to hear from us. But we have to remember whatever is done needs to be for His glory, not ours. I am reminded of this as we are waiting to get to the Philippines. We pray daily for the borders to reopen. We pray that we are able to go and serve the Matigsalug people. But right now, God’s will is for us to be here still. He has a purpose we cannot see at this time. So, we will continue to pray about what God has laid on our hearts. But we will also pray that it all comes about in His timing, for His glory.

    As COVID numbers are on the rise in the Philippines, restrictions have not been dropped. They have actually been tightened to the point that they are now limiting the total number of those who do qualify to enter the country to only 1500 per day. We continually monitor the restrictions and will be applying for a visa as soon as we are able. In the meantime, we have been able to attend several association meetings and update several of you in person on our status. We have also been able to visit several churches and present God’s call in our lives to them. We are also continuing our language lessons twice a week. Furthermore, we are now able to sing several hymns, count, ask several basic questions, and respond appropriately in Cebuano. We are so grateful to Annie for the time she spends helping us learn.

    As always, we are very grateful to all of our prayer warriors and financial sponsors. We could not answer this call without you.

    God Bless

    The Brantley’s

    If you would like to help sponsor us to go to the Philippines, donations may be sent to:
    100 Stinson Drive
    Poplar Bluff, MO 63901
    Checks made payable to GBIM with Brantley Family in memo section.

  • GBBC Update for March 2020

    General Baptist Bible College is the premier General Baptist educational institution in southeast Asia.  It’s ministries extend to all associations within the General Baptist Church of the Philippines (GBCPI) and the vast majority of pastors within GBCPI are graduates of GBBC or its subsidiary the Matigsalug Bible Institute.
    2020-Newsletter with Header 030920

  • GBBC 55th Founders Day

    GBBC recently concluded its week-long celebration of its 55th founding anniversary. With the theme, “Grace Brings Beauty in Contentment,” the entire GBBC community came together on February 10-15, 2020 to celebrate God’s goodness, faithfulness, and grace for 55 years.
    The week-long celebration was indeed a time of fun, family, fellowship, and above all worship. It was also a time to showcase talents and skills in the different fields of music, arts, sports, and other literary events. It was a time to honor the hard work and commitment of loyal and dedicated personnel as well as appreciating the generosity of our churches. It was a time of batches and families coming together—reminiscing, refreshing, reuniting and acknowledging the source of all these blessings.
    GBBC is so thankful for the participation of all its significant stakeholders: the pupils, students, parents, guardians, faculty, staff, alumni from both High School and College, and the Board of Trustees. GBBC is so thankful and grateful to our Almighty Father for the 55 years that He has blessed GBBC with supporters, donors, and prayer partners in the Philippines and around the world. To all the churches, individuals, and different organizations both here and abroad, to the General Association of General Baptist and the General Baptist International Ministries. the General Baptist Church of the Philippines, Inc., thank you very much for your continued support, prayers, and partnership all these years.
    Truly, GBBC wouldn’t have existed this long if not for the gracious hand of God that has been upon this institution, the students, alumni, families, donors, supporters, the missionaries and leaders who have gone before us and for all of us—the leaders of today—to whom this ministry has been entrusted.
    It is only by and through the grace of God that we have seen generations of leaders being equipped, trained, and developed over the years for missions and ministry for His greater glory and honor!

  • Philippines Earthquake Update

    Information continues to trickle in from North Cotabato in the Philippines. The number of churches severely impacted stands at seven. We have also received a list of GBBC students, GBBC alumni, and MBI alumni who have been effected by this tragedy. Many are in evacuation camps or with family members and fear returning to their homes due to landslides. The names below are just current and former students who remain active in General Baptist churches
    GBBC faculty, students, and staff have raised PHP 55,000.00 for the relief portion of this recovery effort  GBIM has matched that amount  a team from GBBC will visit North Cotabato to deliver relief goods this week
    GBIM also continues to work with the General Baptist Church of the Philippines and their relief team to see what assistance can be offered.  This is one of those operations where there will be both a relief phase and a recovery phase  your gifts and donations are needed and appreciated

    Affected by Earthquake

    Present Students

    1. Jason Awe – Barangay Embassy
    2. Venjim Inanao- Barangay Embassy
    3. Roberto Semera- Barangay Buena Vida
    4. Jason Maway – Barangay Buena Vida
    5. Dionesio Buned – Barangay Indangan
    6. Jennerie Ando – Barangay Cabilao
    7. Joan Piobacanto – Pigcawayan
    8. Jezcil Usanastre – Pigcawayan

    GBBC Alumni

    1. Mardy Ando Mendez- Barangay Cabilao
    2. Shelame Alud – Barangay Cabilao
    3. Geraldin Bugoy Canete – Barangay Cabilao
    4. Eljohn Ando – Barngay Cabilao
    5. Winerose Guinang – Barangay Cabilao
    6. Angelica Laman – Barangay Cabilao
    7. Alfie Alilian – Barangay Indangan
    8. Jayson Alilian – Barangay Indangan
    9. Jesan Ogot Lumanda- Barangay Buena Vida
    10. Margely Ogot – Barangay Buena Vida
    11. Carmer Maway – Barangay Buena Vida
    12. Angelyn & Gracelyn Ondos – Barangay Marber
    13. May & Jenelyn Lechedo’s Parent – Barangay Bato
    14. Mary Grace Ogoy Lopez – Barangay Kanapolo
    15. John Mark Pulong – Barangay Buenavida

    MBI Alumni

    1. Pastor & Mrs Rodrigo Alud – Barangay Cabilao
    2. Pastor & Mrs Marcelo Ando- Barangay Cabilao
    3. Pastor & Mrs Marcial Ando – Barangay Cabilao
    4. Charlene Ando – Barangay Cabilao
    5. Floramea Bulao – Barangay Cabilao
    6. Pastor Adriel Tomon – Barangay Cabilao
    7. Pastor & Mrs. Jun Ando – Barangay Buena Vida
    8. Pastora Myrna Linao – Barangay Buhay
    9. Pastor Sanchie Lopez- Barangay Buhay
    10. Pastor & Mrs Napoleon Inggo- Barangay Indangan
    11. Pastor Rey Cabaling – Barangay Cabilao
    12. Pastor Roy Cabaling – Barangay Buea Vida
    13. Pastor & Mrs Edgar Gumanan – Barangay Bulakanon
  • Tribal Missionary Needed

    Tribal Missionary Needed

    Status: Full Time Appointment
    matigsalug-tribe-davao-philippinesCalled to missions? Up to a challenge? Willing to live a self-sufficient and rugged lifestyle?  This may be exactly where God is calling you.
    GBIM is looking for a missionary to minister to the heart of the island of Mindanao and finish the task of reaching unreached or partially reached people groups.  GBIM began tribal outreach on Mindanao in the late 1970’s.  It is time we refocus and re-energize our efforts to finish the task.
    This missionary will serve as an encourager, coach and enabler of national pastors to facilitate the progression of church planting among tribal groups on Mindanao.

    Attention: The internal data of table “3” is corrupted!
  • MBI Sponsorship

    Matigsalug Bible Institute

    Founded by General Baptists in 1978, the Matigsalug Bible Institute in Mindanao, Philippines has been training pastors and Christian workers  for ministry in the tribal areas of Mindanao.  The staff members, the students and their families live in a community and are growing in their Christian walk. Many great steps have been made to make the school less dependent by planting the rice fields and raising tilapia.

    How Can I Help?

    Students may also be sponsored  for $30/month or $360 for 1 year.  If you would like to help sponsor a student, use the form found here, fill out the information, select “International Missions” and then type “Matigsalug Bible Institute” in the notes field.

  • Ed Stevens Offering 2015

    This project is to help our national churches become more strategic in their church planting effort. This years “Strategic Church Initiative” church plant is in support of the General Baptist Church of the Philippines, Inc. (GBCPI) “Church Lot Acquisition Project” or CLAP.  It is a matching grant which matches dollar for dollar the amount of money GBCPI is able to raise in the CLAP program. Stipulations:

    1. The church will be located in a strategic location geographically.
    2. The location as significant potential to be a church planting base for the surrounding area and/or surrounding people group.
    3. This project will be in an area that does not create a situation of improbable geographic distance from the rest of our GB churches.
    4. The current project is to purchase a church lot for a church plant in Cagayan de Oro with GBCPI.
    5. Funds left from the project will be used for future Strategic Church Plants in one of our various fields.



  • Calvary Grace Dedicates Well #38 (India)

    Calvary Grace Association in India dedicated its 38th water well. The funds for this well were donated by the Henderson General Baptist Church under the pastoral leadership of Chad Hensley.

    Watch here to learn what motivated Pastor Chad to lead the Henderson Church on this journey.

    Here is the result.
    CG Well #38

  • India Association Covid Relief (June 2021)

    As India continues to struggle with the covid pandemic, Pastor Prakash and the India Association continue to respond.

    During the month of June 2021, India Association coordinated distribution of groceries to Pastors and poorer families in at least eight locations.

    A total of 112 pastoral families were assisted, not all of them General Baptists, and 20 poor families were assisted by the Grace Home for Poor Women and Widows ministry.

    Pastor Prakash relates that the pastoral families were very thankful for the groceries they received and had prayer for all the donors and General Baptist leadership. “They expressed their thankfulness for these provisions during these difficult times.”
    IA Covid June 2021

  • Calvary Grace Extends Additional Covid Relief to Pastors (India)

    God is faithful to all, especially to the ones He has called to serve in His kingdom.

    I’m so happy and proud to work with our General Baptist pastors in India who are faithful to their calling. As a pastor in India, I know what it’s like to be a pastor in this country. Apart from opposition, persecution, and financial hardship, it is always a joy to serve the Lord, preach the gospel and nourish the flock spiritually.

    During the time of Covid, a financial help is always treasured by these pastors and an answer to their prayers. On behalf of these pastors we want to thank each and everyone of you, especially GBIM for your kindness and generosity.

    Each pastor has received 12,000 Indian rupees ($165).  Hebrews 10:23 Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.

  • Meet Pastor Kiran (India)

    This is pastor Kiran. He pastors a tribal church that he planted. He requested financial help toward the roof of his house. Every year these leaves need to be replaced with new ones to protect them from hot summers and the weather of the rainy season. Through GBIM and all your help we were able to help this pastor with $73 (including palm leaves, transportation, and labor charge). Pastor Kiran said, ‘I praise the Lord for answering our prayers because it’s been three years since we changed the leaves. Thank you so much for helping me and God bless you all who gave.’

    This pastor also received 10 acres of forest land recently as a gift from the Government for survival, from that he gave two acres to the Lord’s ministry. Glory to God!

    CG_Pastor Kiran

  • Calvary Grace Dedicates Three Wells (India)

    Calvary Grace Association water wells # 35 and #37 were sponsored by the Mt. Olivet Home Mission Board.

    Well #35 is located in C***** N******, which is a tribal community of 63 families. This community survives by hunting and was granted free housing by the government four years ago. The government also tried to put in a water well at the time but failed to draw any water. Since then, they never tried again, thinking there’s no water in this ground area. However, we tried this time in the name of Jesus, and have succeeded. Please pray for this community that they believe in Jesus Christ, with whom all things are possible.

    Each water well costs $1500 – Select International Missions and type “Calvary Grace Water Well” in the notes field. Special thanks to Mt. Olivet Association for sponsoring all three of these wells.

    Water well # 34
    Sponsored by Mt. Olivet Home Mission Board
    Place: Pulimamidi villageCG Well #35CG Well #34CG Well #37

  • India Association Activities for May 2021

    It was a difficult month for India during May 2021.  The country was hit hard by a 2nd COVID outbreak that resulted in the country basically shutting down once again.  The India Association had to close all of its Dorcas Sewing Centers as a result of this outbreak and Anne Pamu, who had planned to travel home this summer, was unable to do so.

    General Baptist Ministries reached out to the pastors in India with an additional $10,000 in assistance.  Each association (Calvary Grace and India Association) received $5000 to help pastors through this second shut down.  These were taken from funds remaining after the COVID International Pastors offering last year.

    Pastor Prakash was able to assist 35 pastors at a meeting in Pithapuram with some hand sanitizer and a gift of Rs. 1500 (about $20) and plans to do so again as needed.  An additional 16 at Routhula**** were assisted with a grocery kit and travel allowance.

    India Association also assisted Pastor Viswas Rao at Penu****** with a gift for new church construction.IA May 2021

  • Medical Camp #20 (India)

    Medical camp #20 – This camp was conducted in K*********** village, just before Jessey returned to the United States. This medical camp served 323 people in this one day camp. We give all the glory and honor to God for this opportunity to help this community with medicines and preach the Love of Christ in the midst of a terrible COVID-19 situation in India. Thanks to General Baptist International Missions and all the brothers and sisters who continually pray and support this medical ministry. God bless!

    Isaiah 43:19, “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

  • India Hit Hard by Current Strain of COVID

    India has been receiving the brunt of the news concerning COVID during the month of April 2021.  As of the date of this writing India’s death toll had topped 200,000, with 300,000 new cases daily for nearly a week (FoxNews).  Pastor Prakash reports that all Dorcas Sewing Centers have been suspended effective April 25, 2021.

    Pastor Jessey of Calvary Grace Association writes, “Many churches in our area had shut down the services already and India is going to announce lockdown soon. In Telangana, night curfew has begun already a couple of weeks ago. Churches in our association are doing well and the church services are taking place without any objection so far. Because they have few cases comparing to towns and cities. Also, they are in the remote areas, that could be a reason.  Please pray for the current COVID-19 situation in India… Many people I knew and mutual friends have died of COVID-19.  In the last year COVID-19 has caused a great psychological, financial, and spiritual damage to pastors and churches here. A few people quit coming to many churches and have gone astray from the faith according to some pastors I know. On the other hand, false Christian prophets told prophecies previously and continuing to prophesy concerning the end of COVID-19 and Christianity is being ridiculed here.”

    Calvary Grace also reports a new believer has followed the Lord in baptism.  This is a big step for anyone but especially for Indian believers.

    Calvary Grace Baptism

    Pastor Prakash of India Association reports, “We are doing fine. It is all because of our Lord’s grace. Thank you for your concern and care. We may be having some curfew, restrictions, and lock down after May 2nd. Right now there are no restrictions… We will update you about the situation  in the coming days. We have stopped our DSC from 25th of this month. Please continue to pray for us.”

    In other news from India Association, the association conducted two pastors meetings with a total of 26 pastors in attendance.

    Pastors Meeting in Pithapuram


    Tribal Pastors Meeting

    Grace Home for Poor Women and Widows was able to assist 20 ladies with a liter of cooking oil in the village of Nagaram.  This ministry provides small but useful gifts for poor women and widows in the association.


    Grace Home oil distribution

    Pastor Prakash recently visited Pastor David in Ontimamidi where a new church is under construction.

    Pastor David and wife in front of new church

    We rejoice with the congregation at the Pithapuram General Baptist Church over a new believer following the Lord in believers baptism.

    Baptism at Pithapuram Church

    The associations in India will be the recipient of this year’s Ed Stevens offering which will be September 19, 2021.  We hope you and your church will be praying about how you can help!  Thank you.

    Ed Stevens Day 2021

    Please find additional photos for India Association events on our Flickr page below.

    IA April 2021

  • Medical Camp #19 (India)

    Medical camp #19 found the crew from Calvary Grace Association traveling 15 hours to get to the tribal village which includes 13 hours by bus, an hour by boat, and an hour walk but they considered it a privilege to help this community with medicines and show the love of God. Pastor Nidhi is pastor of a church in these mountains. God bless the medical team, local church, pastor Nidhi and all the General Baptists who continually pray and support this wonderful ministry in India.

    You can sponsor a medical camp by visiting (or texting “give” to 573.282.7171) selecting International Missions in the form and then typing “Calvary Grace Medical Camp” in the notes box that will appear. Each day of a medical camp typically costs $500 USD. Thank you.

    CG Medical Camp #19

  • Four Baptized in India

    Four new baptisms. Pray for these brothers and sisters, that they remain faithful to the Lord and become fishers of men. All glory to God.

    One of the interesting characteristics of Indian baptism is the giving of a new name.  Many Indians have names that honor their Hindu and Muslim heritage, and in Christian baptism they are given a new name to honor their Christian faith.

    CG Baptism April 2021


  • Women’s Ministries Banner Cause Gift at Work in Mexico

    In 2019, Women’s Ministries selected church construction projects as their Banner Cause. One of those gifts was for Mexico. In 2020, Pastor Felix in Juarez, Mexico put that gift to good use. Watch this video to see the results. Special thanks to General Baptist Women’s Ministries for their generous donation to International Ministries.

  • VIDEO: Interview With Pedro Quezada

    Dr. Jim Pratt, Mission One Coordinator, along with Dr. Danny Dunivan, Interim Executive Director, Mark Powell, GBIM Director, and Pastor Neal Crum just returned from a trip to Juarez, Mexico. Listen to a summary of the trip that includes opportunities for involvement in the ongoing ministries in Juarez.

    Dr. Daniel Dunivan Interviews Pedro and Elida Quezada

You may partner with any of these projects by sending a gift to General Baptist International Ministries, 100 Stinson Dr., Poplar Bluff, MO 63901.  Please make sure to write the project name on the memo line of your check to facilitate the immediate transfer of funds.