Sponsorship Sunday: Be Love…

GBIM is pleased to announce a new program for February 2019 called “Be Love… Become Part of Their Story!”  This special Sunday will focus on the many sponsorship opportunities GBIM has around the world.  We would encourage you to have a sponsorship table or area set up for the whole month of February, but Sponsorship Sunday is set for February 17, 2019 since that is the Sunday nearest Valentine’s Day.
Here you will find a “Be Love” poster, brochure, sponsorship guide, and program guide.  We hope you will find all these helpful.   We will also be a special Sponsorship Sunday video on YouTube for you to use as part of your service.  This year’s video emphasis will focus on sponsorship opportunities in India, but you may choose to focus your service on your church’s area of interest.
We are very excited about the opportunities God has blessed General Baptists with around the world.  Our prayer is that you will partner with us through Unified Giving, missionary partnership, and project sponsorship.  With every visit I make to one of our fields, I continue to be amazed at how your prayers or gifts are making a difference.  Thank you, and God bless you!
Sponsorship Sunday: Be Love… Video

Sponsorship Sunday: Be Love… Cover Letter
Sponsorship Sunday: Be Love… Poster
Sponsorship Sunday: Be Love… Brochure
Sponsorship Sunday: Be Love… Church Resource
Sponsorship Sunday: Be Love… Sponsorship Guide
Sponsorship Sunday Powerpoint featuring children from Faith Home and students from Philippines